32 Best Modern Kitchens 2024 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


‘Pantry ideas – a pantry or larder cupboard is worth its weight in gold for storing dried and tinned goods, arranged in the way you live. For example, at home, we use the cupboard door racks for different boxes of herb teas, and the shelves for pulses, nuts and seeds in recycled glass jars. A hand-held label printer makes it easy to make simple, neat stickers for each container. ‘To enjoy your kitchen to its maximum potential, it is worth thinking, at the outset of the project, about the amount and type of storage that you need. After all, this is the place at home where you will probably spend most of your time, so being able to find what you need quickly and easily is going to make cooking more enjoyable.

  • Keep design elements to a minimum, maybe opt for a minimalist look.
  • But if you’re craving a little contrast, don’t be afraid to lean into it.
  • Here, Laura Cattano created a coffee station complete with a coffee maker, coffee grinder, French press, coffee mugs, and beans to make enjoying a cup of joe easier in the mornings.
  • If you do like the bright white look, break up the monotony with some carefully placed splashy colors.

Often employed to complement a minimalist aesthetic, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can represent an effective way to maximise storage space and reduce clutter in the kitchen. If space is very tight within the kitchen itself, don’t be afraid to leverage space in adjoining rooms to get more storage. In this small kitchen design, Ami McKay of PURE Design utilized shelving on the opposite side for cups and other kitchenware. First, it maximizes space by leaving more room on the countertops for meal prep.

#18: The hob and the ‘black’ countertop

Timber takes center stage throughout the space, with roasted walnut offering a warm and inviting base. Accents of natural walnut on the built-in table and benches add depth and character, while hints of black walnut introduce a touch of intrigue. The drawer pulls, crafted from recycled leather and darkened bronze, showcase Henrybuilt’s dedication to sustainable materials while simultaneously introducing a timeless elegance with a hint of aged patina. For more than 70 years, Henrybuilt has been synonymous with luxury kitchen design.

  • Interior designer Samantha Stathis Lynch of Samantha Ware Designs seconds the addition of lamps and also suggests keeping contrasting finishes in mind.
  • As the natural world makes its way back into the kitchen, expect homes to feature more materials from reclaimed wood and other similar materials.
  • If you’re wondering how to balance these two elements together, then knowing how to plan kitchen lighting while also seeking inspiration from kitchen lighting ideas will help you to achieve the perfect combination.
  • We’re seeing designers experiment with bolder choices like mixed metals, high-contrast color palettes, double islands and overstated cabinet hardware.
  • “Very often, small kitchens are found in Victorian-era houses and these tend to have taller than average ceiling heights so you can compensate for the lack of area by having more high-level storage.”

Finished with a smooth, Tansy paint, the interior of the cabinet has a natural oak finish that adds a stunning sense of contrast and a more traditional feel. Artificial light, provided by Garden Trading’s large concrete pendant, provides atmospheric illumination come the evening, too. If you’re wondering how to balance these two elements together, then knowing how to plan kitchen lighting while also seeking inspiration from kitchen lighting ideas will help you to achieve the perfect combination. It is the softer edges and the accessories that provide the marked difference between minimalist kitchen ideas and Scandinavian kitchens. Be sure to incorporate lots of seating areas, with plenty of cushions and faux furs throws.

cutting-edge kitchen designs to inspire your next renovation

At Farquhar Kitchens, we understand the intricacies involved in creating a functional space that suits your lifestyle. Our quality kitchen designers are skilled and experienced in balancing the look, style and layout to ensure your kitchen design is functional, easy to use, easy to clean and looks stunning. With expertly crafted cabinetry custom designed to the millimetre, our kitchen designs take advantage of the latest styles and colours available.

  • A cupboard skirt is an ideal decorative finishing touch for rustic, country-style kitchens.
  • If you have been blessed with an abundance of original features in your kitchen you won’t have to do much to create that rustic feel.
  • Mixed with the warm tones of the wood floor and a colorful vintage rug, this Scandinavian kitchen is bright, airy, and prepped for guests with a beverage fridge and plenty of prep surfaces.
  • This award-winning space from Sola Kitchens mixes slat wood paneling, black and white finishes, and a massive olive tree that hugs the ceiling and brings the space to life.
  • BHDM Design stuck to a clean neutral palette and chose semi-gloss finishes to amplify light in the tight space.

Below is a picture from a modern minimal kitchen from an apartment that we renovated in downtown Manhattan. In this apartment, the owner wanted the cabinet doors, appliances, and surrounding walls to blend in so he had the walls painted to match the cabinet doors and appliance panels. Kitchens with some color contrast or textural contrast look much more modern and have greater character than a simple all white monotone kitchen. Of course, it is your kitchen, but personally, I think the all white kitchen is a bit out of date and boring. Below is a picture of stool seating at a kitchen island with a typical 36″ countertop height.