39 Contemporary Kitchen Ideas for Every Home

Below we discuss fitted kitchen designs including cabinet options, appliances, cost, lifespan, reasons to get one, and a comparison to unfitted kitchen designs. Bring texture and nuance to your kitchen walls with handmade tiles. The possibilities are vast—try terra-cotta or cement in colors that range the rainbow—although we lean toward more neutral hues.

In that case, you can create a tiny breakfast nook in the opposite corner, which will further increase the enjoyment that your family gets out of the area. Even though the corner requires some ingenious cabinetry solutions to make it practical. It is recommended that you keep the length of the L legs to less than 4.5 meters for convenience. Because items like sinks and appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and other similar devices need to be plumbed in, there is no such thing as an entirely “unfitted” kitchen. It may be possible to minimize your costs by purchasing a kitchen that is still unfit.

Inspiration,Made in the Kitchen

Ashley Montgomery Design paired sage green upper and lower cabinets with a marble slab and shiplap backsplash, plus brass plumbing fixtures and natural wood accents for a modern traditional look. In 2023, interior designer Emily Henderson is loving blue and green kitchens — especially when paired with natural woods and hardware. Who said you only get one tile and placement composition when designing your kitchen backsplash? This design incorporates a white subway tile backsplash with a blue tile installed in a chevron pattern behind the stove. The design element adds an unexpected pop of color that looks fresh in this traditional kitchen. From gleaming new countertops to upgraded cabinets, stylish light and decor, and creative appliance design, there are endless ways to create a new look for your kitchen.

  • The real key to learning this particular style in the home is usually to experiment with structure and subtle color variations.
  • Rather than resign to the square or rectangular shape of your space, look for opportunities to create geometric shelves or hidden nooks that add a modern feel.
  • These services include removal of rubble, stripping and removing of old kitchens, electrical work and installation of new plumbing and tiling.
  • This kitchen boasts three different tones and even includes a chevron application on the single cabinet that houses the refrigerator.
  • Warm honey-toned wood floors add warmth to this white kitchen from interior designer Alvin Wayne that is finished with black cabinet and drawer pulls and chunky floating shelves.

It’s crucial to streamline any activity to guarantee that it is finished promptly. As a result, you’ll be able to unwind more or have more time for other pursuits. Our talented and highly skilled in-house craftsman fabricate every element of your unique design with patience and accuracy, ensuring even the tiniest of detail is flawlessly produced. For example, a tilt-down drawer just below the sink allows you to tuck away sponges and brushes. Add character to your small kitchen by incorporating a statement tile.


Of the push towards using more color in the kitchen, Fallon says that she sees lots of organic and saturated colors being big in 2023 in all areas of the kitchen. Expect to see all-white cabinets switched out in favor of warm, natural wood tones in both dark and light hues. In an open-plan kitchen that shares space with a dining or living room, install hardwood flooring throughout the space for a cohesive look. Warm honey-toned wood floors add warmth to this white kitchen from interior designer Alvin Wayne that is finished with black cabinet and drawer pulls and chunky floating shelves. For a sleek and open feel in your kitchen, swap out traditional upper cabinets for floating shelves. This modern design trend not only offers storage solutions but also creates an opportunity to display your favorite kitchenware.


While optional and not necessarily a required aspect of Japanese kitchen design, low-rise bar stools will help enlarge your space too, because the backs won’t obstruct the flow or view. You can even choose a single color that complements the rest of your kitchen design to not confuse the eye with where to look. You don’t want two major kitchen components competing for attention because it will clutter the space–even if you recently cleaned. Having open-faced storage, such as shelving or pantry, instead of rows of cabinets and draws, makes finding what you need easier.