52 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Style


Renovation is appropriate if your home’s “bones” are good and if you like its style in general, but yearn for more open floor space. While not every bath can be the statement-making bath made popular in the ornate 1980s, every bath can benefit from the flow new bathroom layout ideas. Even baths that can’t be enlarged are looking and feeling much better these days, thanks to inventive bathroom accessories, attractive personal touches, appealing color schemes, and intelligent design. Bright and colorful wet rooms make for an invigorating shower experience. Smaller bathroom tile ideas like mosaics are a great choice for wet rooms, as they’re easy to lay in a slope towards the drainage hole.

  • The teak vanity, terrazzo floor covering and wallpaper are bold in scale and rich and warm in coloration,’ says Karen Harautuneian, owner and principal designer at Hub of the House Studio.
  • I love the Ca’ Pietra Lilypad tiles, which are hexagonal – another trend that isn’t going anywhere.
  • Measure the space, choose a layout and decide on fixtures and design elements.
  • Ideally the drain should be as far away from the bathroom door as possible, to minimise any risk of water escaping the room.
  • The software also offers a vast array of plugins and extensions that let you tailor the tool to your specific needs .

If you have a roll-top bath, or even a bath with a panel, painting it can give it a new lease of life. It’s also a great way to start a new color scheme in your bathroom – we love the dark bath against the fresh white walls and the pattern of the bath mat and towel (which is Asda, would you believe?). No more excuses for arguing over who left toothpaste smears all over the mirror! If space allows, get your symmetry smiles on with double basins and mirrors. Not only does a duo add impact and pleasing balance to any scheme, but doubling up under sink storage allows you to maintain an organized bathroom countertop, free of clutter.

Bathroom Designs in India: Crisp Comfort

If space is scanty, you may opt for a stacked washer/dryer unit, although these handle smaller loads than a typical family creates. Located within the master bedroom or adjacent to it, the master bath is usually the largest bath in the house. Designed for two, it may feature an extra-long vanity counter, a vanity with two sinks, or even two separate vanity sinks. In some baths, separate vanity sinks are located back-to-back in the center of the room or back-to-back on opposite walls, rather than side by side. Depending on the size of the room, you can use innovative floor plans to create a dramatic effect. So you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, and you know how to hire bathroom remodeling professionals.


The best part about the app is the ability to upload a picture of your own bathroom. If you wish to make minimal changes or edit just certain portions, you can choose those areas in the uploaded image. One can now rely on tools of varying degrees of professionalism and effectiveness to come up with the best bathroom plans possible.

Go modern with monochrome

This space was renovated in a classic style, with grey tonal materials and more wall panelling in place of tiles to give the spaces warmth and character. Each of the bathrooms in designer Kate Walker’s Mornington Peninsula home have a distinct personality. This one features Zellige Aqua Gloss wall tiles, with a statement floor featuring a combination of Fatima’s Reflection and Ghosted terrazzo.

  • For a ceiling decor idea with wow-factor, take a verdant wallpaper design from walls, onto the fifth wall aka ceiling for a daring lift.
  • However, for those seeking in-depth customization and advanced architectural features, Planner 5D might fall short.
  • Instead of sticking to neutral tones, add color and pattern to a modern bathroom with a mix of tiles.
  • Forget an unflattering central light in your bathroom — the last thing you want when looking in the mirror as you exit the shower.
  • After the design is complete, the software provides two options – either the summary of the entire process is provided, or users can seek out information on where to buy the products used in the process.

Modern shower rooms contain glass panelling or a walled off section. Transparent glass tubs are moving from exceptional to mainstream amazing. Decorate your bathroom with colourful and interestingly shaped succulents. The deep lush green of the plants inject a refreshing colour to the room. The combination of two of the strongest colours results to a classic, powerful, and sexy air, perfectly suited for your bathroom. One of the cheapest, quickest and easiest ways to give your bathroom an upgrade is to hang feature lights.