53 Best Bathroom Design and Décor Ideas

Dark shades of grey and black create a cozy and modern bathroom vibe. Dark cabinets complement this style perfectly and add a strong and bold touch. Mix in some brightly saturated hues to create a stark contrast that draws the eye. Using green in your bathroom makes for a soothing, and calming atmosphere. A white bathroom vanity with hints of pastel green works well alongside a mint bathroom stool.

  • The program makes several designs and colors available, which makes it possible for everyone to land upon a suitable aesthetic.
  • Once you have chosen, find out how much it costs to tile a bathroom to see whether this is the washroom makeover for you.
  • ‘It is also a great way of giving furniture a second life and saving it from landfill, which is so much better for the environment,’ says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.
  • The large trough-style sink in purple onyx highlights the beauty of the stone.
  • Squeeze a bathtub into a smaller bathroom with a freestanding oval tub with soothing rounded edges.
  • Natural materials are always beautiful and combined with the sleek look of marble, look like a treat.

Also, before picking up a design of your choice, remember to check the Ingress protection rating, especially if you’re hanging the light over the tub. Also, check with the manufacturers about moisture, and consider weight, as some chandeliers can be heavy and will need extra mounting. ‘For our Gallery House Project, we especially custom cut Guatemala Verde marble to create this vanity area,’ says Noa Santos, founder of NAINOA Architecture and Interiors. Expert tip – a light around a mirror will make a room feel brighter and bigger still.

Transitional Style Bathroom Design

Create a sense of openness by drenching a small bathroom in white, as Toledo Geller did in this bathroom. The varying white marble tiles, white ceiling, and off-white window shade provide a bright yet soft atmosphere. Glass shower doors make the space feel larger, while the small brass table adds a pop of elegance. Contemporary bathroom tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom makeover. In this small space, gray, horizontal tiles work to add subtle visual interest and make the space feel larger. Floating the toilet and vanity also helped to free up visual space.

  • A feature beam, solid wood vanity, and wooden door can provide the required brown tones while grey tiles give you a sturdy and robust finish.
  • The Sloan AER-DEC® Integrated Sink System can play a significant role in these set-ups.
  • If you have a piece of art or an over-the-top decor item, like the rug in the space above, consider placing it in your bathroom for an unexpected touch.
  • One way to elevate the space is by creating a natural focal point.

In this narrow bathroom, the shower screen was built on top of a dwarf wall to allow in maximum light from the window beyond, while keeping shower spray safely contained and the toilet seat dry. Stylish finishes that are also practical are the icing on the cake. ‘We added an arched niche to bring charm and a sense of history to this new bathroom,’ explains interior designer Heidi Caillier.

Hotel-inspired Minimalist Bathroom

Used wall-to-wall ornate prints can be overwhelming and impractical but pairing wallpaper with lower paneling is a great way to protect walls and temper the decorative designs. Interior designer Alexandra Azat of Plaster & Patina strikes the balance perfectly in this beautiful bathroom. No French country bathroom should be without an elegant roll-top bath. The perfect centerpiece for a luxurious bathroom scheme, all sorts of designs are available from lustrous copper tubs to cast iron designs that can be painted to suit your scheme. Adding natural elements to a space through small accents can soften up hard surfaces in a bathroom. In this bathroom, natural materials like the wood stool, pampas grass, and the earthy tones in the painting soften the look of the glass shower and black metal ladder storage.

  • Whether you’re planning a total remodel or just want to refresh your space, the right bathroom tile ideas will be instrumental in elevating that washroom look to the next level.
  • Transform your bathroom into a cosy retreat that is just as much about relaxing as it is function.
  • Leaning a ladder in the bathroom for décor is the design trend that works for almost every style.
  • Hence, it is essential to place considerable thought into the assembly of such tiles.
  • While there’s a time and place for maximalism, the same can be said for a more minimalist aesthetic.