54 small bathroom ideas: best tiny bathroom designs

Finally, consider the value the software brings to your business. This isn’t just about the price, it’s about the return on investment. The ideal software should offer a balance of features, ease of use and efficiency at a price point that makes sense for your business size and volume of work. And beware of the fine print and hidden fees that come with most software. Salvaged wood barn doors set a rustic tone for the rest of this charming bathroom. If you’re working with limited square footage, consider installing a barn door, since it doesn’t require as much clearance as a regular door.

  • If one trend can transform a space, it is none other than one of the decade’s most iconic and recognizable interior design styles, Art Deco.
  • Floor to ceiling wood cabinets bringing the beauty of nature into the room.
  • Modern bubblependant lights, black poufs, and matte black accents bring a contemporary appeal.
  • Use built-in storage and create alcoves in showering and bathing areas to provide handy spots for bottles and jars.
  • Whether you want to layer up towels or line up your toiletries, this ladder shelf offers bags of potential.

A stone seat in the large shower and stone tile wall creates a beautiful juxtaposition to the rest of the sleek, modern bathroom. Hard surfaces can feel cold and uninviting, but there are a lot of ways to add warmth to a modern bathroom. You can offset sleek stone with organic textures like wood and rattan; you can incorporate soft textiles in the form of towels and rugs; and you can consider bringing in some curved edges. Dimmable wall lights, like sconces, can also increase the coziness.

Inspiration: Pretty ensuite with bold green tiles

They also need to be completely enclosed with a watertight door, making them cost significantly more than a standard shower. Remember to create a slight incline when fitting the floor tiles for adequate drainage. If children will be using your bathroom, you may want to think about adding an additional lower, child-friendly vanity. For elderly or disabled people consider a walk-in bathtub and remember to add plenty of well-positioned handrails. Once you’ve decided on your style, you’ll need to think about the type of bathroom that you’re remodeling. A guest bathroom or en-suite should be designed for occasional use and has very different requirements than a full-sized family bathroom.


In this luxury bathroom from Kendall Wilkinson Design, a sculptural stone tub floats in front of a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows with a view to the outdoors. Japanese-style sliding screens can be adjusted to add privacy while still allowing the natural light to flow in. Collect images of bathrooms you like and find the common themes to determine your style.

Choose luxe surfaces and accessories

Clean, white geometric vessel sinks contrast with the concrete countertops in this bathroom. The result is a room that feels modern yet industrial with a bit of warmth from the wood-framed mirrors. In a space like the bathroom where there are more constraints when it comes to the must-have elements, consider how you can give the mainstays an unexpected twist.

  • Some even offer cost estimates, based on the quality and quantity of materials used while making the design.
  • For many years, bathrooms have been all about ultra-practical smooth surfaces, brassware and tiles.
  • Typically printed onto a bathroom wallpaper design, you may have seen this motif on catwalks .
  • All mornings and nights are bookended by standing at the bathroom sink, so this area deserves to be refreshing and inviting.
  • Potted plants and wood wall panels contribute to this spa feeling.