65 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas You Need to See

Clean lines, smooth finishes, and a simple palette of white, gray, and accents of black give this Florida kitchen from interior designer Maite Granda a modern feel. Details like a built-in wine fridge and an integrated energy-saving induction burner in the kitchen island make the space feel current. Give your kitchen a modern feel with heavily veined marble finishes on countertops, backsplashes, and kitchen islands. A mix of black and white stone with dramatic veining adds visual interest to this modern kitchen in a renovated 1970s Pittsburgh home from Leanne Ford Interiors.

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  • Use this scheme for your cabinets, walls, and backsplash to create a unified look.
  • Minimalist home decor usually gets a terrible rap, but there is a distinction between a room decorated with discipline and one that just lacks character.
  • The opening brought in light, and allowed us to add an island, which greatly increased our storage space and functionality in the kitchen.

Learn how to choose a kitchen island, style open shelving, or add a DIY backsplash. See inspiration and design tips for kitchens of all sizes and styles. The trend of statement lighting in kitchen design underscores the importance of lighting as a decorative element. These striking fixtures make a bold design statement, infusing personality and character into the kitchen while amplifying its visual appeal. Utilizing natural stones like marble, quartzite, or granite for both backsplashes and waterfall edges imparts a sense of opulence and sophistication. The use of these stones not only introduces captivating veining patterns and textures but also creates a seamless and striking visual continuity throughout the kitchen.

Go For a Graphic Marble

Tanks vary in size, but the popular Quooker PRO3 model requires 480mm height and is 150mm diameter, which needs to fit under the sink. Designing a kitchen is best done by experienced professionals – but only hand-in-hand with you. That is because how you use your kitchen will affect the design choices you will make deeply. Kitchen design was awesome and very professional, workmanship and project management was top notch. ‘High capacity, well-sited storage is essential to keep everything neat and tidy, providing a clutter-free space that’s a pleasure to use,’ says Danny Lay, Sales Director, Caple. ‘The graphical and playful impact that the backsplash has on this space is a real conversation-starter,’ says Irene Gunter, Co-Founder of Gunter & Co.


Just check out our guide to how to tile a backsplash for practical steps. You can decorate, design, and render your kitchen plans all you want without paying money. Got it to help plan out some renovations I’m doing and after awhile of tinkering with it, it is now incredibly useful Though it doesnt have instructions after awhile it is fairly simple.

Use Reclaimed Shelving

In this modern kitchen by PJC Architecture, the island is carved down to a smart size for the space and the back corner neatly fits a curved nook for easy dining. At any given time, there’s a confluence of design approaches considered en vogue. This limestone hood hearkens back in time with hand-carved details and light stone. They brighten up a space, make it look larger, and allow you to decorate however you want.

  • But IF you can do without all that extra wall space, it’s worth the sacrifice because it will make your room look wider and larger and lighter.
  • It uses natural stone features, such as the soapstone counters and slate backsplash, to warm up the entire space.
  • Opt for natural wood finishes like cedar or bamboo to create an authentic Japanese ambiance.
  • This Scandinavian galley-style kitchen from Fantastic Frank includes industrial-style black metal-and-glass partitions to help to elegantly divide the pass-through space without inhibiting natural light or flow.
  • Celebrate the beauty of simplicity with white shaker cabinets and experience the magic of a clutter-free, serene space.