65 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas You Need to See


This makes sense, as aligned backsplashes with a vertical sensibility always instill a sense of order, height, and scale in a room. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen will work with you throughout the process to create the finest bespoke furniture for your home. Don’t overlook the importance of proper lighting and how it can add to the style / decor factor. Like any professional Interior Architect will agree, even a modest-size cooking space can still be practical and elegant with the right decor and finishes. So much sleekness with that white colour palette and stainless steel finishes. 3 simple ways to segregate the kitchen in an open-plan layoutHere are some innovative and non-architectural solutions to cordon off the kitchen in an open-plan layout.

  • To give your kitchen a sense of calm, consider a cool color palette.
  • We go to great lengths to source the finest raw materials to ensure that your new kitchen is made to our exacting standards.
  • Now that our kitchens are increasingly performing on a multifunctional level, so our kitchen lighting ideas must evolve to cater to dining, relaxing, office or homework, and entertaining.
  • Incorporate elements of the sea by using a coastal color palette mixed with natural textures such as driftwood, rattan, and sea glass to create a contemporary beachy vibe in your kitchen.
  • Select your room type below, and begin designing your perfect space.
  • Modern kitchens are often seen to use a concrete table for dining and keeping stuff, and may also function as a kitchen island to go with the compact space.

Choose time-tested natural materials like linen and cotton for window treatments, upholstery, dishtowels, and table settings. Cincinnati Kitchens offers custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and lighting for kitchen and bath remodeling in Cincinnati. They provide design and installation services, including plumbing, electrical work, tile installation, and drywall installation. Contact them to create a beautiful and functional space that you can be proud of for years to come. This kitchen by designer Mindy Gayer features bright, white upper cabinets and deep blue bottom cabinets. The two-toned kitchen design provides a polished look while the white upper cabinets reflect the natural light from outside making the space feel more open and airy.

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The blue color of the cabinet paneling gives it a fresh, modern vibe. And it plays nicely off the blue archway that connects the kitchen to the rest of the apartment. Slab doors—as shown on the two-toned cabinets in this gray-and-white kitchen by Idea Space—are a hallmark of the contemporary style. The marble-patterned quartz countertop and matching backsplash add both timeless beauty and practical function.

  • Install layered kitchen lighting that includes integrated task lighting for cooking and prep spaces and ambient lighting in the form of industrial pendants or vintage chandeliers to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • If you’re working with a blank slate, perhaps because you’re extending or building a new home, you’ll be in the fortunate position of being able to design the structure around your ideal style of kitchen.
  • Another recommendation is to have a small herb garden or succulent arrangement against kitchen window to lighten up the space.
  • This chic and inviting kitchen by Alys Design combines a cozy dining space with custom cabinetry.
  • Visit our inspiration gallery for space-saving ideas such as overhead storage units, cabinets, small appliances and more.
  • If you’re looking for more inspiration there are plenty of pantry storage ideas and kitchen cupboard storage ideas that will help you to create a design that works for you and your family.

From gilded accents to nuanced paint choices, these kitchens are the blueprint for a luxury design that’s aspirational and liveable. Go ahead, spring for the marble or steal a layout—it’ll be a great starting point for any renovation you’re planning. Warm wood tones are often found in countryside homes in Europe, for example, you’ll see natural wood kitchen cabinetry, dining tables and islands. Interior designer Kati Curtis says materials like distressed wood and wrought iron are often utilized together, complemented by a warm and inviting color palette that emphasizes earth tones, neutrals, and pastels.

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Instead, open shelves with visible brackets display everyday items, and a pot rack hung above the sink keeps an enviable collection of copper pots and pans within arms reach. This is a luxury kitchen for people who cook and appreciate timeless architecture but want modern comforts. Mix midcentury and farmhouse elements to create a current but timeless feel. L-shaped kitchen designs that are stylish, functional and customisable.