65 Modern Bathroom Styles That Are Luxury Redefined


Since Sketchup Pro is a professional tool, one understands why it is expensive. But, this acts as a deterrent to newcomers who might not be willing to spend as much. Having a more generous trial period would allow users to make full use of the features that are offered. Not only is the rendering highly accurate, but Sketchup Pro also offers the right technology, which helps the users gain fresh perspectives while viewing their projects – be it ongoing or complete. Finally, the community of users is very inspiring and share their work with each other. Designers are also given a choice to see their work in 3D at any time, which is a fantastic way to capture a whole overview of the progress made.

  • All the lads at MKM have gone above and beyond to make sure my prices are good and the process of my bathroom orders run smoothly!
  • Here, an ofuro-style cedar tub takes centerstage atop a platform clad in softly gleaming black limestone tile.
  • Currently, there are only three bathroom designs that users can choose from, which severely limits their choices.

Window treatments are an important consideration in any bathroom, providing essential privacy. Here Louise Copeland chose a ditsy sheer which softens the space whilst the brass washstand keeps it feeling open and airy. The first project was easier to set up due to its location and the fact that it stands alone in a field.

Introduce Natural Elements

The bath features an irregular pattern, created in shades of red, grey and pastel pink, contrasting with the mint-green tone of the surrounding walls. Mosaic tiles were chosen for the bathroom of this renovated home in Perth, designed by Design Theory, to reference the property’s mid-century heritage. With all those splashes and high humidity levels, you might be worried about its durability. It’s often cheaper and less labor-intensive than tiling, plus gives you plenty of visual options. If you have an L-shaped bathroom or just plenty of available space, a walk-in shower can provide a more functional and accessible alternative.


One can also choose the textures and colors needed for the flooring and walls. Whittney Parkinson Design outfitted this contemporary bathroom with gleaming marble, a sculptural tub, and a sputnik-style chandelier. Twin vanities are positioned under the high windows that provide privacy and natural light. A herringbone wood patterned floor adds movement and a classic note to balance all the gloss and shine. Consider using marble tiles and wooden panels with horizontal veining to visually enlarge a compact bathroom.

Restroom Design After COVID-19

It has a door that opens onto a landing or corridor, so you don’t have to walk through a bedroom for access. In some homes, particularly period properties, the toilet and a hand basin may be in a separate adjacent room so that it can be accessed when the family bathroom is in use. ‘A small but well-planned bathroom can be more inviting and comfortable than a badly designed larger bathroom. The key is to focus on ease of movement and ergonomics, so that everything can be accessed without feeling cramped or compromised.

  • This sleek bathroom is defined by its deep green wall tiles, black and white marble shower and black trim along the doorway.
  • A contemporary bathroom doesn’t have to be all clean lines and minimalism.
  • While it takes some time to get accustomed to all Chief Architect has to offer, it is worth it.
  • Porcelain is a great option for a bathroom because of its durability and price compared to natural stone.
  • Put in a small window by the sink or a few feet away from the toilet to let in natural light.