65 Small Bathroom Ideas That Make a High Impact in a Little Space

To make up for the lack of counter space and storage in the bathroom of her Los Angeles home, designer Francesca Grace placed a small cabinet next to the sink. A simple wall hook holds a single hand towel, while the wide mirror reflects light and makes the space feel bigger. For a classic modern style, finish your space with an eye on symmetry, which creates soothing visual order. This modern bathroom incorporates many materials, including glass tile, slate, and wood, but the look is cohesive and upscale thanks to mirrored built-in shelves and an overall uniformity.

  • One bathroom trend that has been taking the design world by storm recently is none other than the wet room.
  • Not only does the design detail make storage more chic, but it serves as a great way to showcase favorite products.
  • Simple designs work well for a minimal feel and create a sense of no-fuss relaxation.
  • If you are blessed with a spacious bathroom, one charming idea is to install a dressing table for all your skincare and makeup routines.
  • These days, it’s easy to visualize all your design ideas on your computer or tablet.

Elizabeth Cooper brought out the rich blue veining of the marble surfaces in this small bathroom by using an icy blue paint color on the vanity. Leaving some of the wall blank has a calming effect; it offsets the patterns and prevents them from feeling overwhelming. Just because a bathroom isn’t a main living space doesn’t mean you can’t have some major fun with the design. In a seamless shower, the unobstructed view is key, so play it up with a stunning marble wall.

Rustic Bathroom with Colorful Floor Tile

Being able to close the door on piles of washing is a must if you’re planning a relaxing soak in the bath. However, because the doors slide into the wall cavity, there’s much more room for manoeuvre should you need it. Moreover, you can get an inexpensive basket or crate to transform into deep shelving storage. Besides, the open face enables you to effectively see all you have stuffed in it while the top side fills in as a standard rack to hold decorative embellishments. Wall-mounted basins, otherwise called wall-hung bowls, do not have a conventional pedestal, freeing up floor area and transforming your room to appear more streamlined. One-way traffic flow—with separate entrance and exit portals—that guides people from toilet to sink to hand dryers without backing up.

  • Or maybe you need to streamline and organise your family bathroom to make the morning routine run a little more smoothly, in which case the right storage is key.
  • View any part of your bathroom design as if you are actually standing there.
  • To make the most of your small bathroom’s layout, try to utilize every square inch of space.
  • But it’s such an important choice since the right software can do wonders for your business.