8 modern small bathroom ideas that are chic and contemporary

Neutral color palettes dominate European bathrooms, from soft whites to warm beige tones. These hues provide a serene backdrop, allowing fixtures and details to shine. Bring your bathroom walls to life with some stand-out tiles — whether you opt for a vibrant colour, a zingy pattern or a interesting format, your walls can become works of art in their own right. Freestanding tubs are often larger and more luxurious than the standard shower/bath combination.


Bring life to the bathroom with green plants and vibrant artwork that pop against the neutral backdrop. Incorporating greenery and vibrant artwork can also create a captivating and balanced ambiance. Complement the monochromatic theme with metallic fixtures or natural wood elements, adding warmth and texture. Optimize storage without sacrificing floor space by utilizing tall cabinets or shelves.

Pale shades of blue or green

It’s waterproof and will be cheaper and faster to fit than tiling. With all those splashes and high humidity levels, you might be worried about its durability. It’s often cheaper and less labor-intensive than tiling, plus gives you plenty of visual options.

  • The elegant bathroom features a black floating vanity, white countertop, vessel sink, gold accents, and gray marble tiles.
  • Orchids are sturdy plants that can survive in minimal sunlight and moist surroundings.
  • You can add a few unique touches with statement mirrors, vases, or candle holders.
  • Remember to apply a waterproof sealer on all exposed wood in your wet zone, or else create a tiled area for even better protection.

Contrast dark flooring with bright walls to make your room appear bigger and more spacious. They’re positioned between two separate bedrooms and accessible from both. You should include at least two sinks and for privacy, position the toilet and shower in an isolated cubicle. You’ll need to strike the perfect balance between softness and roughness to achieve a shabby-chic bathroom design. You can combine several materials and pick unusual colors, but remember to have at least one or two consistent elements to create cohesion. If you enjoy organized chaos, an eclectic bathroom design should fit the bill.