8 Top Bathroom Trends of 2022 New Bathroom Design Ideas


While designing a bathroom can be a complex process due to the numerous considerations, DreamPlan Home Design simplifies it. The tool is highly intuitive, and users find it easy to make modifications beyond the basic layout, including adding furniture. It is highly efficient, making the program an easy choice for newcomers. Although FloorPlanner gives users very little scope to complain, the tool could be made slightly better by adding provisions for cost estimates once the design is complete.

It’s a bigger challenge to install a new bath in an existing home than to remodel a bath or to build a bath into a new house. That’s because “back-of-the-wall” plumbing and mechanical requirements have to be installed within an existing wall, and you won’t know what that involves until the wall is opened. The typical 537-foot bath “footprint” makes a generously sized powder room and a decent-size half bath. It can be sufficient for a kids’ bath if no more than two will be using it at once and if you’ve cleverly planned in separate storage for each child. It may even be enough for a master bath if what you most want is just the convenience of the plumbing in or near the master bedroom.

Add Geometric Decor Accents

The software streamlines the design process and enables quick iterations and real-time updates, which are crucial for meeting client expectations and deadlines. Finally, consider the value the software brings to your business. This isn’t just about the price, it’s about the return on investment. The ideal software should offer a balance of features, ease of use and efficiency at a price point that makes sense for your business size and volume of work. And beware of the fine print and hidden fees that come with most software.


But it’s such an important choice since the right software can do wonders for your business. Renovate a small bathroom in an older home using period finishes and fixtures for an authentic feel. Erin Williamson Design gave a vintage bungalow bathroom a facelift with classic subway and penny tiles, chrome finishes, and a freestanding sink for a timeless look. In a powder room, hang a flattering tinted mirror that will make your guests feel good when they check themselves before heading back to the party.