85 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas That Will Spark a Beeline to the Loo

Take a photo of the room or space you would like to change and send us your site photos. The size for a separate toilet compartment should be at least 36×66 inches with a swing-out or pocket door. These important considerations can help you determine the best way to lay out your new or newly-remodeled bathroom.

  • Not only are chevron tiles perfect for modern bathroom designs, adding texture to a minimalist scheme or in as shower tiles, but the pattern is ideal for smaller spaces as this bathroom proves.
  • Hang a mirror on the far wall of a small narrow bathroom to double the perception of space and bounce light around.
  • Going minimal is typically very good for the budget—which allows for a little extra room for luxurious accessories that will help give your bathroom edge without cluttering the space too much.
  • Try metallics such as bronze, brass or copper, or beautiful rose-gold with its pinkish hue.
  • Toilet separated with a white sliding door and gray granite tiles used on the toilet part.

“Small bathrooms should have walk-in showers in clear glass enclosures,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight. If you’re redecorating and are in need of small bathroom design ideas, going for a modern look will help refresh the room in a refined way. Curate a rustic bathroom scheme by selecting highly textured, natural elements.

Go for a carved stone sink

Don’t let a quirky floor plan block your creativity or your dream small bathroom layout. In the primary bath of her home , designer Nathalie Chong set a tub in the dormer windows and squeezed in a double vanity. She emphasized the drama of the ceiling by using different size mirrors, making the slanted roofline work for her and dabbling in asymmetry.

  • For smaller, awkward areas of dead space, consider built-in niches or shelving for extra bathroom storage,’ adds Emma.
  • In particular, a little space doesn’t need to look cramped or cluttered when you include a couple of smart strategies.
  • The onyx stone designs make a big impact in this otherwise ordinary bathroom.
  • One nice touch to your half bathroom is to include a medicine cabinet.

It’s easier than ever to find wallpaper in all kinds of styles, designs, and patterns. From elegant modern paisley to a chic speckled option, you can choose between options that are fun, funky, and wonderfully fabulous. If you have an exposed brick wall in your bathroom, then you could leave it as it is, clean it up, or even paint it. If you don’t have a brick wall, then you can add a faux one by using wallpaper or tiles that are made to look like brick. Using red paint in a room can often create a rather intense vibe.

Consider the Materials

A great way to increase natural light in a small bathroom is with a skylight installed in the ceiling. If you have the budget and want to add a more timeless style to the room, this is the way to go. Many of these are mechanically operated which means you can control the light filtering in from these openings. Bathroom mirrors are of course, a big staple for the room but why go for a regular design when there are plenty of unique ones that can add personality to the space? Irregular-shaped mirrors break the symmetry of the room, and give the design movement. If you have a large enough bathroom, you could even consider a standing mirror that gives more whimsy to the interior.