9 Modern Bathroom Ideas for a Spa-Like Oasis

Check out our list of the 16 best bathroom software products out there so you can find out which one fits your needs. In a small bathroom, repurpose antique or vintage furniture as a sink vanity to save space and add character. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors paired dark wood with brass and shades of green to give this space a transitional feel. Decorate a bathtub shower combo with colorful geometric tile to create a focal point in a bathroom with a limited footprint.


Pewter green may not be the first color you think to paint your bathroom, but it creates a dramatic, inviting look when paired with gold accents and one-of-a-kind patterns. This small powder room looks larger because of the dramatic accents like the gold mirror, dark color palette, and toile wallpaper accent behind the sconce. A splash of black is exactly what this all-white marble bathroom needed. Kimberly added a tall black planter to her bathroom to ground the space and provide a place for the eye to land.

What Is an Open Concept Bathroom?

Ensure proper ventilation and consider incorporating smart technology for added convenience. Select elegant accessories and decorative elements that enhance the overall aesthetic. Pay attention to lighting, using a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Install proper lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, to enhance the atmosphere. Pay attention to small details and finishes to create a polished look. Get the inspiration for Bathroom design with Planner 5D collection of creative solutions.

  • Give your bathroom an open feel by choosing a wet room-style layout.
  • If you can install a window and a large mirror, you’ll have plenty of natural light spread around the room.
  • The ambient light creates a soothing glow for nighttime showers and adds another layer of lighting in a space lacking in natural light.
  • Wall-mounted modular furniture remains a favorite for storage, due to its fuss-free, streamlined look.
  • Designer Charlotte Moss turned her bathroom into a room appropriate for conversation as much as a rinse off.

We love the French vibe of this bathroom, the mural created with tiles brings a really luxurious and traditional feel to the space. Plus this is a great alternative to wallpaper if that’s not going to be suitable for your bathroom. Using bathroom tile ideas is a simple way to create a statement wall. We never thought we’d be rooting for glossed bathrooms, but we love the look of this tiled sink area, brought to life by the Zellica collection from Topps Tiles . Inspired by majolica pottery, the rustic-feel tiles have a glazed finish for the ultimate combination of modern and traditional.

Outdoor Bathroom Remodel Design

This is a common challenge in small master bathrooms that need to function for everyday life, which is where a corner shower comes into play. Embrace the sleekness and innovation of contemporary design in your master bathroom. A few simple things can take your bathroom from simple to luxurious so you can enjoy it to the max. Incorporate vintage or antique elements like a clawfoot bathtub or vintage-inspired fixtures to add character and charm to the space. Make a statement with bold and artistic light fixtures that act as eye-catching design elements in the predominantly monochromatic space. Add a dash of visual interest and personality with patterned black and white tiles on the floor or as an accent wall.

But luckily for you, I found plenty of ways to upgrade this space on a variety of budgets. You can have a bright, colorful, fun bathroom and still give it luxurious touches. Little changes like matching accessories, a new bath mat, and a scented candle can all bring a more sumptuous feel.