95 Kitchen Ideas to Transform Your Space


‘The cottage core trend is the epitome of The Good Life, drawing inspiration from the countryside with its sprawling meadows and wildflowers. Speak to your builder to see if this would be a possibility in your current kitchen. While, if you’re planning a kitchen extension we would recommend large windows and doors every time.

They often include elements such as bar-style seating, weather-resistant countertops, and even outdoor fireplaces or pizza ovens that amplify the alfresco dining experience. Concealing appliances behind cabinetry or panels creates a seamless look characteristic of modern design. This integration not only looks great but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the space. Match the covering panel with the rest of your cabinets for a seamless look.

Exploring the Charm of Shabby Chic Interior Design

Install energy-efficient LED lighting beneath the upper cabinetry to provide task lighting for countertops and create a striking modern look, like this one-wall New York City apartment from Maydan Architects. Use large slabs of stone on your waterfall island to modernize your kitchen remodel. Leanne Ford Interiors updated this 1970s Pittsburgh kitchen with contrasting marble slabs in heavily veined white and black to striking effect, creating a minimal space that is high on drama with a minimum of decor. Match your countertops and backsplash in the same slab marble and finish it off with a matching wall-to-wall display shelf for a sleek modern look, like this New York City kitchen from Sissy + Marley Interior Design.

  • And when you add glass pane cabinet doors to one, you can safely store your fine China while still letting it sit on full display.
  • To make sure the space doesn’t become too chaotic, both the walls and countertops are a simple white.
  • Scandinavian design took Europe and America by storm in the mid-20th-century travelling hand-in-hand with the rise in popularity of modernism.
  • There are other ways to make a modern kitchen come to life aside from color and pattern.
  • Simply pick out a fabric, measure it to fit your cabinet, allowing for a bit extra so it pleats and hangs nicely and then sew a fold at the top of the piece.
  • This is a delightful and cheerful Country-style kitchen with its bright green walls that complement the bare wooden tone of the L-shaped peninsula.

Yes, in 2023, the epicenter of cooking and conversation is undergoing some new and exciting developments. As the pandemic winds down, our mindsets around cleanliness, relaxation, and safety are evolving. Don’t forget to usher in a strong batch of natural lighting—another vital element of modern spaces. 21 easy and effective ways to organize a small kitchenYour handy guide to handling the messy cabinets, overflowing shelves and crowded countertops of a cramped kitchen. These 9 kitchen trends are here to stayUnusual materials, double islands, and more—here are a few of designers’ favourite things. 5 inspiring ways to give a small kitchen a big personalityIf you are in search of inspiration as you imagine how you might redesign your compact kitchen, take a look at five of our favourite small kitchen designs.