A Complete Guide to Creating Accessible Bathroom Designs for Everyone

Antique mirrored walls can be an effective way to create the illusion of a much wider space. It may seem counterintuitive to put more things in to a small room. But shutting lotions, potions, loo rolls and even towels inside slim built-in cabinetry will streamline the space. To help your furniture blend in, panel the walls to the same height all around the room. For instance, a bath caddy can help create a polished look if you have a bathtub.

  • RoomSketcher offers an extensive library of plumbing fixtures, fittings, and customizable components specifically designed for bathroom projects, ensuring accurate representation and optimal use of space.
  • It comes with a library of floor plan templates as well as a large symbols library with professional mechanical and plumbing symbols (like sinks, toilets, tubs, vanities, etc.).
  • Consider a ‘broken plan’ layout and use partial walls and screens to define the various areas of the space.
  • Weave in stylish accents like low-maintenance plants, vibrant window treatments and plush towels, and you have a picture-perfect space that offers the serenity you need to start and end your day.

Consider opting for a large vanity sink unit, you will be surprised how much you can store away, allowing you to keep surfaces clean and tidy. Heating is important in any bathroom but, for family bathroom ideas, it ranks highly, so it’s worth taking extra time to consider all your options. Use slate, fieldstone, granite, travertine, sandstone, and marble. Offering a lighter water pressure and mirroring the effect of a downpour, rain showers create a calming effect throughout your bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom with a Statement Tub

The two-toned palette gives way to an exploration of shape and materiality, with arches, curves and linear elements becoming the stars of this retro-inspired show. Starting from scratch meant that the owners of this sustainable country home in Winchelsea could create a larger-than-average ensuite. A freestanding bathtub is position overlooking the rugged surrounds, which are matched beautifully by the bras hardware and tapware. Where a home’s main, or family bathroom must, above all else, be practical and contemporary, the privacy of an ensuite allows for bolder, more personal design choices to run wild. In designer Alison Victoria’s Atlanta loft, she created a simple yet elevated display. “I wanted a real accent wall that wasn’t all paint,” she said of the Phillip Jeffries grasscloth wallcovering hand-painted with 24-karat gold.