A look inside German kitchens: functionality, durability, and innovation


Peter; Across the city, Melbourne Park is a thought-provoking contrast of Universal Design. Stadiums designed in the 1980s sit next to the new national tennis centre, a shining beacon of Universal Design fundamentals. And eventually it will be accepted that the important things like comfort of the customer are being addressed and catered for. A practical resource to assist the planning, design and development of inclusive sport and recreation facilities.

  • Gold tiles against a white backdrop heighten the drama—as do the shiny silver legs on the island.Rich wood cabinetswarm up the shiny finishes.
  • One is the beige hue of the shaker cabinets and drawers as well as the flooring marble.
  • Given the level of investment, cabinetry is probably the one thing you don’t want to change, but you can always repaint the walls and replace the backsplash in the future if you wish,’ advises Tiffany.
  • “We’re painting the ceiling the same colors as the walls. It’s the year for elongating, for luxury, for the allure of height.”
  • If quiet luxury is your calling card, look to nuanced textures and palettes to up the ante in your kitchen.
  • John and Barry are a great team, nothing was ever a problem, we have the kitchen living area we dreamed off and could not be happier.

Strategically placed, small built-ins allow for extra storage in tucked-away spaces. In this small kitchen design by Rodeheaver, the shelves provide the perfect place for olive oil, vinegar, and other cooking essentials. If space doesn’t allow for a full size kitchen island or bar, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must eliminate one from your design plans. This small kitchen byRumor Designs features a half-sized bar that fits beautifully into the natural footprint of the space. It’s important that your kitchen feels like a part of your home versus a completely different space. This 1920s farmhouse kitchen, designed by Cory Rodeheaver Spectrum Design Group, embraces the original feel with beautiful arches and cabinetry.

Western European Kitchen Design

The best way to feel confident making decisions about appliances and backsplashes is to study up. An eco-friendly kitchen emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency. It might include features such as energy-efficient appliances, proper ventilation, and recycling and composting stations.


This kitchen previously had all-white cabinets, but Dominique painted the bottom cabinets an off-black to blend more seamlessly with the dark countertops. The pink backsplash brings a pop of color to this otherwise black and white kitchen. A dreamy, all-white kitchen adds a bright, clean, and refreshing look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little drama. Michelle Berwick Design incorporated touches of sleek black inside the glass-front cabinets on the island and range hood for a more sophisticated look.