Bathroom Design Ideas Get Inspired by photos of Bathrooms from Australian Designers & Trade ProfessionalsBathroom Design Ideas Get Inspired by photos of Bathrooms from Australian Designers & Trade Professionals Australia


The software uses the camera on your mobile device to measure and sketch rooms, making it extremely convenient for on-site planning. It’s also useful for creating basic cost estimates and reports, which are valuable for contractors and real estate agents. Bold graphics will give a small bathroom a big dose of personality that will distract from its size.

This ensures that even less tech-savvy users can quickly get up to speed, making the design process smoother and more enjoyable. High-end spas have the privilege of being bolder with their design choices because their clients don’t have to live with it every day, eventually growing tired of the design. However, if boldness is what you crave, opt for a non-traditional tub like this gilded option.

Add Some Wooden Elements

Keep a good amount of space between the wet zone and the dry zone so you do not have to walk in wet spots when you use the bathroom. We all need more storage space in the bathroom to keep dry towels, wellness products, and beauty appliances. Just set up the kitchen cabinets under your sink or next to the shower.

  • We are a Mumbai-based surface design studio that manufactures interior products with unique handcrafted finishes.
  • The product should be easy to navigate and understand, allowing you to be successful quickly.
  • Use a subtle pastel tone for a casual setting or try a deeply saturated yellow for a more sophisticated design.
  • The building of the pipes will not take too long but it is hard to predict how long the council takes to approve the drawings.
  • Studio Peake injected whimsy into this London bathroom using a mix of blue and white fish scale tiles, trading clean lines for something more organic.

You don’t always have to knock down walls to change the perception of space. Emily Henderson Design saved counter space in this black-and-white bathroom by installing plumbing fixtures on the wall above the double sink vanity. The symmetry of the double sinks adds structure to the asymmetrical layout, making it look polished and purposeful.

Timber Tub Bathroom

Accessible bathroom designs are an important part of creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for people of all abilities. Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, consider incorporating accessible design features to make your bathroom more inclusive and welcoming for everyone. By incorporating non-slip flooring, lever-style faucets and handles, and adequate lighting and contrast, you can significantly improve the safety and accessibility of your bathroom. These features promote independence, reduce the risk of accidents, and create a more inclusive space for individuals with mobility challenges.

  • Those who aren’t sure about the design they want can always get it ordered from the program.
  • But with Planner 5D things, become the opposite of frightening as we take care of everything for your comfort.
  • Just because something is classic doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy.
  • Foyr Neo can be a good choice for interior designers who value speed.
  • Create a stunning but simple bathroom by covering the walls in patterned wallpaper.

Wood accents add rustic charms, the muted lighting is cosy, and the clean walls and surfaces give the room its modern vibe. We have a lovely selection of traditional and modern freestanding baths made in white stone resin and cast iron for quality and rigidity. “In this guest bathroom, we knew we wanted to go with marble because it is so timeless,” says interior designer Liz Williams. “We chose the classic herringbone pattern to add interest and to highlight the marble’s beautiful veining. The pattern and scale help make smaller spaces seem larger.”