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It does have a surprising amount of features for its price, but if you’re a construction or remodeling pro, you may find it lacks some of the essential features you need. In a small bathroom, repurpose antique or vintage furniture as a sink vanity to save space and add character. Tyler Karu Design + Interiors paired dark wood with brass and shades of green to give this space a transitional feel. Horizontal shiplap wall panels will make a narrow bathroom feel wider and more spacious. My 100 Year Old Homeused wrap-around white shiplap that creates a sense of movement and makes the tight space feel airier and lighter. If your bathroom is big enough for a clawfoot bathtub but lacks storage, consider a wall niche.

  • Perhaps this is why we’re seeing more and more homeowners channeling the romantic European look in their wash spaces to bring that luxurious holiday feel.
  • You’ll need another bathroom to avoid people awkwardly walking through your bedroom for access.
  • For example, where a fire engine red and kelly green scheme would be jarring, pale pink plus evergreen is lovely, and a blue-orange color scheme beguiles in royal blue plus peach.
  • It is best to start analysing the area you will be working with, with your bathroom designer.

This design choice is a sophisticated way to inject personality and movement into any bathroom space. Adding floor-to-ceiling windows in a bathroom can transform the space into a standout design element. These expansive windows act as a natural focal point and invite abundant natural light. Use minimalist decor and a restrained color palette to ensure the windows remain the visual centerpiece. Use the outdoor scenery to complement your bathroom design to add tranquility and elegance.

How to change the tiles or color of the walls and floors in the bathroom design?

You needn’t have a grand château-sized bathroom to capture the romantic French country look as proven by this beautiful powder room from Kristin Mullen Designs. With its paneled wallpaper, rustic reclaimed stone sink and glided mirror this small space is full of French country bathroom inspiration. Whether on the floor or wall, bathroom tile ideas are an easy way to inject character into a bathroom no matter the size and terracotta designs are perfect for capturing that rustic European feel.


Some popular bathroom design ideas are freestanding stone, composite, and cast-iron baths. Baths that are at the high of the price spectrum offer substantial benefits compared to cheaper inset steel and acrylic bathroom tubs. Composite bath rubs are warm to touch and can be repaired very easily and iron baths have the best hear retention properties. Baths come in many different shapes, styles, and materials, and consequently there are bathroom design ideas for every different budget, style and need.