Bathroom tile ideas: 31 designs inspired by bathroom tiles

Choose a colored tile and play around with grout colors too, while you could enhance the area furthermore by lining it with another bolder color. Gray is everyone’s favorite color these days; we have gray bedrooms, gray living rooms, and, yes, many of us have gray bathrooms too. To counteract the potential for a cold-looking room, combine grey tiles with a warm oat or rusty shade, and be a little bolder with how you lay your tiles. But will the world of fashion and interiors cleverly intertwined, we’re seeing this print popping up on our bathroom walls. If you’ve got a bathroom that you’re particularly proud of, and want to show it off, then this one’s for you. By opting for colorful, alphabetical bathroom tiling ideas, you can say it with your whole chest.

  • This look transports you to your Morrocan holiday when utilized in color.
  • Its 3D visualization tools are especially useful for clients to see how their space will look in real life.
  • Glass separation unit perfectly fits the sloped ceiling and provides waterproofing.
  • If you think that an open concept bathroom is right for you but are not quite certain, Monahan recommends weighing the following considerations.

High-quality, natural materials like stone, wood, and limewash paint are frequently used in contemporary bathrooms. One way to add interest to a minimalist space is to make a point to incorporate a range of shapes that will make a spare space feel more dynamic. Michelle Berwick Design outfitted this minimalist bathroom with a mix of black, white, and wood finishes. Small hexagonal tiles on the wall and floor, a wood vanity with clean lines, and a round mirror and sink add some geometry to the mix. Not only are chevron tiles perfect for modern bathroom designs, adding texture to a minimalist scheme or in as shower tiles, but the pattern is ideal for smaller spaces as this bathroom proves.

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The best bathroom tile ideas come in a seemingly endless array of materials, finishes and price points, which means there are bathroom tile designs for everyone, whatever your style. Wall-mounted taps will provide a neat aesthetic and allow perfect positioning for easy access. ‘Alcoves either side of chimney breasts also work well for his and her basin units as the depth is generally shallower. For smaller, awkward areas of dead space, consider built-in niches or shelving for extra bathroom storage,’ adds Emma. Cathie Hong Interiors remodeled a midcentury model Eichler home in Willow Glen, California, infusing it with Japandi elements for a minimalist feel.

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  • Bathroom storage is within antique furniture, lighting is more likely to be a bathroom chandelier, and fixtures and fittings have a distinct, period feel.
  • We’ve already mentioned daylight, but many bathrooms simply don’t have a window and, anyway, we all use bathrooms after dark, so it’s vital also to consider artificial lighting.
  • By using light colors and tones and embracing traditional fittings such as an Art Deco style, you can achieve a period look in your bathroom despite its small size.
  • These primary colors are generally diluted in shades of green, gold, red, and blue in strictly limited levels.
  • Use bold natural materials like marble, stone, and wood for a timeless design.

“While we’re seeing a shift toward warmer and earthier tones, texture still plays an important role in designing an interesting bathroom,” Vroom says. “It’s a great way to layer in a variety of design elements,” she adds. Enhance privacy and comfort simply by placing the toilet out of the direct line of sight . This can make a “big difference mentally,” says Lori Jo Krengel, a certified primary kitchen and bath designer in St. Paul. One of her favorite options is a privacy panel made of tempered glass with a sandblasted design that obscures views without blocking light.

Contemporary White Bathroom with Chevron Stripe Floor Tiles

In this ultra-modern interior designconcrete vanitiespaired with black stands and mirrored cabinets. Sharp edges and clean lines of the vanities serve the beauty of the minimalistic aesthetic. Multicolored floor tile with the glossy surface in a harmony with the vanity design. Thanks to the wide windows nature has come to a design element in this rustic bathroom. Floor to ceiling wood cabinets bringing the beauty of nature into the room. Black vanity paired withquartz countertopand it brings a luxurious feel.


SB Design This large, decadent bathroom by SB Design may just be the epitome of luxury. Soft fabrics, a fireplace, a corner tub large enough for two, and chandelier fixtures will make any visitor feel like they are walking into a king’s bathroom. When you have a small bathroom, you need to scale down the fixtures. Look for a shallow vanity and a smaller sink that doesn’t extend out from the wall much.