Bathroom Trends 2021: These 6 Features Are Taking Off Right Now

This might mean using a bright white LED strip lighting along an edge. The light can shine upward towards the ceiling and give the illusion that it’s taller than it is. Or perhaps the light shines downward and highlights other details and features of the bathroom.

All mornings and nights are bookended by standing at the bathroom sink, so this area deserves to be refreshing and inviting. Make the bathroom floor tiles the hero of the room’s design scheme. This is an interesting way to add color to a room, in a more subtle manner rather than painting entire walls a singular hue. But the latest modern furniture and fittings can still create a luxurious bathroom from the minimal square footage.

Or go for a dark and moody color scheme

To give a contrasting look to the room, the flooring’s lighter tile is carried up in a hexagonal shape. While many elements within a contemporary bath will skew more trend-focused, it’s important to create an element of timelessness, even while working with these currently trending design details. Becca Interiors installed wood half-shutters on the bottom of the windows in this powder room that are painted the same dark gray as the walls for an integrated feel. Skip clean lines in favor of something more decorative with a sculpted stone backsplash.


Bathroom layouts can be difficult to get right, particularly if you want to incorporate a walk-in shower or wet room space and are concerned about water spraying everywhere. Use built-in storage and create alcoves in showering and bathing areas to provide handy spots for bottles and jars. Bathroom storage is vital for the space to work well and feel uncluttered, yet you don’t want it eating into valuable floor space. So, whether you’re planning a multi-tasking family bathroom or a luxury en suite for your self build or renovation project, we’ve got you covered. A wall-mounted shower head can be fitted with a shower hose, allowing you to easily clean and rinse the walls and floor of the room.