Bathroom Trends 2024: 5 key inspirational design elements


Add color, pattern, flair, and individuality to a small bathroom with terrazzo tile flooring. Neva Interior Design paired the multicolored floor tile with a pink square tile backsplash, white walls and furniture, and brass accents for a bright, modern feel in this Parisian space. A spa bathroom is much more about the feeling it evokes rather than specific design elements, which means there’s no exact formula. This can be tricky, but it also means that no matter your interior design style, you can achieve a spa bathroom in your own space. For the ultimate inspiration, we’ve gathered the 25 best spa bathroom ideas to peruse while you plan your redesign. Look for a solution that allows you to create accurate 2D and 3D floor plans, visualize fixtures, fittings, and materials, and explore design options.


Everything in your bathroom includes design elements that can be used to achieve balance, rhythm, and emphasis. These elements occur naturally together, so it may take a bit of practice to see them. Once you do, you’ll be able to make the often small corrections that give your bath maximum eye appeal. All those showers and baths take their toll not just on your new wall covering but also on your home’s basic structure, as hidden moisture builds up in today’s well-insulated houses. A good ventilating fan is a relatively small investment that will make any bath — especially a shared one — more comfortable and will help preserve your home’s infrastructure.

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One of the trends of bathroom ideas 2023 is to have closed storage, which is not only a sensible solution but will also give your space a cleaner, more modern appearance. Consider backlit mirrors in your bathroom design ideas as they’re efficient due to them being LED lights and use less energy and last longer than ordinary lightbulbs. Backlit mirrors also eliminate any shadows that you’d normally get from regular lighting fixtures. Graphic patterned floor tiles serve as the focal point and color palette inspiration for this bathroom.

  • Set a budget for your project to help you stay on track and avoid unexpected costs.
  • Even a minimal color scheme can still deliver major interest, especially when it’s used to artfully create a pattern-filled space.
  • Erracotta can be quite porous so you will need to apply a protective seal over the top when used in the bathroom,” says Jess.
  • It’s a space where you prioritize self-care, find moments of tranquility, and where you begin and end your day.
  • While this stylish bath skips a lot of the storage options many of us expect with a primary bath, it can make for a fun powder or guest bath concept.
  • Free up space and add an interesting design element to your bathroom by adding floating fictures.