Case study: The Professional Kitchen by Henrybuilt The American Institute of Architects

Charlie Smallbone of Ledbury Studio has been a leading kitchen designer since the 1980s. The studio showcases his latest designs, which combine wood, metal, and stone in a sleek contemporary collection. The skilled team employ modern technology to show the beautiful materials in a new light, while creating kitchens that are smoothly functional and provide space to cook, live, and entertain.

“For instance, light fixtures that are oversized and a statement piece will be the look of 2024.” This Stockholm flat might be the exception that proves the rule when it comes to Scandinavian kitchen design – that it has to be designed using discrete colours and materials. The floor of the open-plan kitchen is made from herringbone parquet, a style often seen in living room that here gives the kitchen area a more luxurious feel. As well as being stylish, the pared-down interiors make for functional, clutter-free kitchens where it is easy to find and use all the items needed to make a meal in a relaxing atmosphere. ‘The embrace of “unfitted” styles, featuring kitchens with legs instead of plinth panels to the floor, creating a more open and contemporary aesthetic.

Glamorous Kitchen Finishes

Infuse your kitchen with French café energy by creating a cozy corner banquette. Leanne Ford Interiors mixed a classic bistro table and chairs and hung an ornate gilded mirror on the wall to add decor and warmth to this black-and-white kitchen. Hang vintage or reproduction signage in your kitchen for a homey farmhouse feel.

  • Country-style kitchens are characterised by their breezy design and accessibility in the West.
  • Built-in appliances, as opposed to freestanding ones, are pushed up against the wall on all sides, freeing up additional room in front of them.
  • For a streamlined look, consider adding doors to your coffee nook, as seen here.
  • The two-toned kitchen design provides a polished look while the white upper cabinets reflect the natural light from outside making the space feel more open and airy.

Too much of one material can look boring or feel too oppressive, so mixing it up will prevent that and add plenty of visual interest. In an open-plan kitchen space or a large kitchen-diner, an island is the perfect way of creating a central focal point that visually connects the different areas. And a generously-sized space calls for an island with equally generous proportions so that it doesn’t appear lost in such a vast space. Yes, many tools offer features that assist designers in creating kitchens that prioritize safety and ergonomic considerations. Yes, customization features allow designers to plan and optimize storage solutions based on individual client needs and preferences. While a few kitchen designers still work with software such as AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, and others, the speed and performance of FOYR NEO is an exciting proposition that they cannot deny.

What are some ideas for bringing nature into a Japanese kitchen design?

Kitchen remodeling, or even making minor changes of any kind to an important space in your home can sound like a formidable task. Let’s explore tools that make kitchen design and decorating easy, cost-efficient, and fun for you. One of the easiest ways to design a kitchen that will stand the test of time is to base your design on kitchens that have already stood the test of time.

  • Every inch of space in your kitchen will be utilized by your furniture.
  • It is made of high-quality quartz that is not porous and can handle very high temperatures.
  • Recessed or pot lights are installed on the ceiling, providing a neat, streamlined look.
  • Leverage wall space in a small kitchen by installing handy storage solutions—like a magnetic knife holder—and hooks for beautiful pots and pans.

When adding light fixtures to your own kitchen, experts recommend incorporating a variety of lighting to get the most out of your space. Molly Kidd of Light and Dwell played off of the surroundings of her Oregon home to create a soothing earth-toned escape. Shades of soft green, natural wood, cream and gray give this kitchen a serene vibe. Though we love stick-on tile and removable wallpaper, Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms created a mini garden in her rental kitchen to bring some life into the space. Try recessed nooks or storage around the door frame for an innovative space which looks great. This multifunctional space is often doubled up as a play area, where homework is done while meals are cooked or a spot where families work from remotely.