Designing Inclusive and Gender-Neutral Restrooms I+S Design


The surface needs to be resilient, resistant to water, and not too slick. Think about how flooring can further the design of the space, for instance, opting for large, slate-style tiles to lend a more utilitarian feel. Natural wood, stone countertops, and green glass tiles come together to form a bathroom that is a relaxing place to retreat after a long day. The sharp lines of the room lend a contemporary feel to the space that utilizes simplicity. Matte black hardware and gold accents lend softness and warmth to the space. From sleek tile installations to unique color combinations, take inspiration from these modern bathroom ideas.

  • Incorporating floating benches in showers reflects a commitment to accessibility and design innovation in bathroom spaces.
  • Michelle Berwick Design added a casual greeting on the floor of this bright modern bathroom.
  • Set the mood lighting within cabinetry and niches so you can’t see the source.

Before you drywall that ceiling, consider leaving exposed wood to add a sense of history to your space. Marie Flanigan Interiors complemented exposed wood ceilings with a floating marble vanity and an antique mirror in this timeless powder room. Marie Flanigan Interiors added a pony wall between the shower at the far end of this rectangular space that is slightly higher than the sink vanity countertop to create separation. The black-and-white palette add a tough modern edge that keeps it from looking twee. In this luxury Chicago highrise bathroom from Alexis Bednyak Design and Searl Lamaster Howe Architects, a black slab of stone covers the far wall, creating a dramatic focal point.

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Porcelain is a great option for a bathroom because of its durability and price compared to natural stone. ‘I love using white metro tiles with black grouting to create a striking contrast. These can then be paired with pops of colors such as rich blues, deep greens and even mustard yellows,’ says Joanne Sangster of Ripples. Use artwork, tile, and fixtures as an opportunity to introduce different hues and luxurious finishes.

  • An unsually designed wooden cabinetry and a mirror like this can be an apt choice for achieving a classic luxury bathroom space.
  • Anyone who wanted to offer an all-gender option was tasked with obtaining a variance – an extra step that many people didn’t bother to take.
  • Our platform’s free version is packed with hundreds of features and objects.
  • While not as extensive as retiling entirely, this is still a big project that takes time to complete.
  • Some touch-up products are as easy to apply as squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.

Waterproof wallpaper from Bathroom Design Studio London is now available in an impressive range of colours, designs and patterns. In this bathroom, the bathing and showering areas are separated by a tiled panel. The dual entrance wet room panel was installed by Matki Installations. Use built-in storage and create alcoves in showering and bathing areas to provide handy spots for bottles and jars. Bathroom storage is vital for the space to work well and feel uncluttered, yet you don’t want it eating into valuable floor space.

Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined our everyday routines, it has served as a catalyst for incredible developments in how we think about the world. When it comes to restrooms, that means putting a greater emphasis on good design that works for people—and fixtures that people can rely on today and tomorrow. Here at Sloan, we’re excited to be on the forefront of safe, hygienic restroom design. And we’re proud to leverage our products into restrooms designed for the future.

For instance, a patterned print can introduce texture and drama to your bathroom design. Using a see-through screen to hide the toilet can subtly delineate the space without compromising the bathroom’s open feel. This functional solution offers visual privacy while keeping the toilet tucked away and creating a more organized and aesthetically pleasing environment. These hues can transform a traditional bath space into a stylish sanctuary when paired with modern fixtures and minimalistic decor. Moreover, these contemporary tones can also complement natural materials and textures, ensuring a cohesive and serene environment. Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon.