Eight Residential Bathroom Design Trends For 2021


The scale of your typical project plays a significant role in choosing the right software. If you mostly handle large, complex commercial projects, you’ll need software with robust capabilities and advanced features to manage detailed designs and extensive product selections. On the other hand, for smaller residential projects, a simpler platform with essential tools and a streamlined workflow might be more appropriate. Space Factory added a textured sandy beige finish to this space and added a wall-to-wall integrated bench that makes the narrow space feel wider.

Alternatively, they can be used in a clean and modern setting to create a beautifully distinct feature. Use a lighter shade of oak with white walls for a Scandinavian feel. Blue bathroom color ideas will evoke a feeling of the sea or sky.

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The program’s features and their utilities immediately become evident and set the Room Sketcher app apart from others. Designers who are comfortable with their vision can draw up floor plans using the app. Not only can designs be made offline and online, but a cloud feature allows users to access their work across devices.

  • Wainscoting is usually wood so remember to paint or seal properly, especially in splash zones.
  • If you have the luxury of space, creating zones can make your bathroom feel spa-like and special.
  • Just set up the kitchen cabinets under your sink or next to the shower.
  • Choose a heavily veined slab of stone with plenty of movement for a modern feel.

These materials help reduce deforestation and minimize waste while adding a natural and stylish appeal to your bathroom. The subway tiles and white colour scheme is coordinated with the rustic vibe of the baskets and the wood plank ceiling. Add in a second rain shower head, a shower seat and a beautiful patterned floor. Claw feet tub, gilt-framed mirrors and a classic lamp chandelier. Offset the cold and bare interiors of a modern bathroom with a living wall. The grey walls, rain shower and seamless glass partitions are sleek and modern.

Modern Bathroom Tile

Potentially the easiest of all our bathroom ideas, take some paint to the walls. You can get so used to staring at the same, slightly off-white, stained walls that you stop noticing them. Give your whole bathroom a new coat of paint and you will instantly notice it feeling fresher and cleaner, even if you just go with white. We love the feminine splash of baby pink and, if you are feeling a bit braver, experiment with more adventurous bathroom paint color ideas. The team at Superior Renovations have just completed our ensuite renovation.


But fortunately for visual appeal , most bath fixtures have rounded sides that contrast nicely to the squared-off shape of the room. Obviously, the more drawers, divided-light windows, towels, and tiles in the room, the more rectangular and square elements there are. Balance these with cathedral-topped cabinet doors, Palladian windows, round drawer pulls, and other curvy elements. Light from the north and the east is cool, with light rays coming from the blue end of the spectrum. South and west light is warm because the sun’s rays come from the red end. Of course, color, shine, texture, and other elements affect visual balance as well.