Ideas to help you design your stylish DIY bathroom

Choose a colored tile and play around with grout colors too, while you could enhance the area furthermore by lining it with another bolder color. Gray is everyone’s favorite color these days; we have gray bedrooms, gray living rooms, and, yes, many of us have gray bathrooms too. To counteract the potential for a cold-looking room, combine grey tiles with a warm oat or rusty shade, and be a little bolder with how you lay your tiles. But will the world of fashion and interiors cleverly intertwined, we’re seeing this print popping up on our bathroom walls. If you’ve got a bathroom that you’re particularly proud of, and want to show it off, then this one’s for you. By opting for colorful, alphabetical bathroom tiling ideas, you can say it with your whole chest.

SB Design This large, decadent bathroom by SB Design may just be the epitome of luxury. Soft fabrics, a fireplace, a corner tub large enough for two, and chandelier fixtures will make any visitor feel like they are walking into a king’s bathroom. When you have a small bathroom, you need to scale down the fixtures. Look for a shallow vanity and a smaller sink that doesn’t extend out from the wall much.

Introduce a vintage floral wallpaper

Just remember to add a bit of warmth, whether with luxurious linens, soft lighting, or a wood elements. While stone tile and countertops can bring a cool effect, adding wood tones to the mix introduces just the right amount of warmth. A backlit mirror can create a spotlight-like effect on a gorgeous tiled wall. Pendant lights in varying styles, a vessel sink, and a wood countertop creates the perfect blend, skewing the lines between aesthetics and styles. When styling a contemporary space, it runs the risk of feeling too sterile if the details are neglected.

To separate the laundry area from the bathroom, a coppery velvet curtain conceals the washer and dryer while bringing texture to this space. The gold color perfectly complements the green shower tiles and black frame glass shower. The large ottoman in this bathroom design by Latham Interiors provides a place to get dressed for the day.

Ranch Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Its advanced features and intricate customization option requires significant time and effort to master. Add color, pattern, flair, and individuality to a small bathroom with terrazzo tile flooring. Neva Interior Design paired the multicolored floor tile with a pink square tile backsplash, white walls and furniture, and brass accents for a bright, modern feel in this Parisian space. Becca Interiors chose a compact black-and-white sink with black wall-mounted hardware in this little industrial-style bathroom for a timeless look. A pair of planters add a touch of natural greenery to the neutral space. Oak cabinets work great in a rustic style bathroom, along with other natural materials.

  • Set aside some time also to consider using smart tiny bathroom storage ideas, especially those intended to fit what may be regarded as dead space, such as an awkward corner.
  • This bathroom showcases a variety of textures, colors, and natural materials.
  • The black and white patterned tiles on the floor and walls are a win.
  • Porcelain tiles – One huge plus about porcelain is there’s a great deal of design flexibility so that they can be available in a selection of colors, finishes, styles, and sizes.

Items like jute or sisal rugs, natural wood paneling, and decorative elements like vases, pendant light fixtures, and more can soften the cool surfaces and angular elements of modern design. If you’re into luxury bathrooms, then these forest green beauties from Topps Tiles are for you. They’re super classy and will add a sense of grandeur to your bathroom space.