Kitchen Design: 32 Beautiful Ideas For Your Home


The cooking area here has beautiful artwork above the cooking area. The simplicity of the black and white aesthetic in this kitchen is the main source of its beauty. The stark white cabinetry has a classy design that is applied on the kitchen island and the single-wall layout. Both of these are contrasted by the black granite countertop and backsplash as well as the patterned black wallpaper.

  • Lighter surfaces throughout the space, including gray countertops and a wood island, prevent the room from becoming too dark.
  • A group of experts and professionals with diverse backgrounds who share the same business philosophy and working culture in order to bring the kitchen designs to THE NEXT LEVEL by The Kitchen Design.
  • Clean lines and beautiful natural stone combine to create a deliciously light-filled and luxe kitchen conceived by Lara Ette Design.
  • Today, we make larger kitchens and open them up to the living space.
  • Where some might see a corner, others find a cosy breakfast nook with banks that double as extra storage for pots, pans and small appliances.

You can also create a custom range hood cover and backsplash to add visual interest. Gone are the days, where grandiose marble slabs and bulky appliances were used for the kitchen. Going forward, L-shaped kitchen designs are going to take the less-is-more, minimalist approach. This is possible with smart appliances, in-built lighting, sleek laminates to replace heavy countertops and plenty of utilitarian, smart cabinet design. Discover a range of materials and styles, from classic wood to modern quartz, and learn how to choose the perfect combination for functionality and style.

Outdoor Kitchen

Swapping out the light fixtures in your kitchen is an easy change that makes a big impact. Don’t be afraid to lean into trends a bit here since a pendant light is a more easily reversible design choice than tile or flooring. Lately, we’ve been noticing an uptick in playful statement lighting in the kitchen, such as rattan pendants. Many kitchen design choices, such as flooring, tile, and cabinets, require an upfront investment to change.