Kitchen Design: 32 Beautiful Ideas For Your Home


A practical and speedy method of doing so is by adding a splash of color. It’s a great way to inject some life and character into your kitchen. It can assist in making the space feel warmer and more welcoming without sacrificing the minimalist kitchen’s sleek, uncluttered look. As the name implies, a minimalist kitchen eliminates excess in favor of increased efficiency. Wood, granite, or cement can all be used to create a minimalist kitchen. Yet, the cabinetry’s clean lines, feasible layout, embedded appliances, and lack of decorative framing really set it apart.

  • With the kitchen now a multi-purpose room designed as much for living as it is for cooking, it is important to decorate to suit.
  • One of the easiest ways to add color to a kitchen is through the backsplash.
  • Use durable, quality natural materials such as stone and wood and preserve original features like an exposed wood ceiling, hardwood flooring, brick or stone walls to add authenticity to your space.
  • Brass hardware and pendant lights add a pop of glam, while abutcher block island topperbrings in some much-needed warmth for visual balance.
  • A free-flowing L-shaped kitchen design is practical, allows for easier floor movement and is also better-ventilated than most other layouts.

All you need is a peg rail to hang your nicest spoons, pans and very stylish string shopping bags from and there you have it – a quick Scandi-style update. If a whole tiled wall doesn’t take your fancy, why not just make a change by retiling your backsplash? Again it’s a job you can do yourself too if you want to keep costs down, and will only take an afternoon. Just check out our guide to how to tile a backsplash for practical steps.

Let There Be (Lots) of Light

Mix and match products to try out different looks or to achieve your desired interior style. The earthy colors of the furniture give a natural and fresh vibe to the simple kitchen design. Be it high-end apartments, condos, or even studio apartments, luxury modern kitchen design is the dream of every homeowner. Space doesn’t have to be a constraint when designing, as there are tons of materials, finishes, color combinations and layouts to make every inch of the available space look spectacular and movement-friendly. We may not have a fun quiz to tell you what kind of kitchen cabinets are right for you, but we definitely have lots of styles to choose from. Whether you want kitchen cupboards with classic glass panes or modern kitchen units with sleek, shiny finishes – you’ll find ones to fit your personality.

  • The gray tiles, a marble stove backsplash, and dark wood cabinetry break up the mostly white space with interesting texture and pattern.
  • With almost two decades of experience in the creative space , Carmona gets to blend his many passions into one design studio, offering services to commercial and residential clients in both Houston and Dallas.
  • As homeowners seek to connect with nature and embrace the beauty of the outdoors, designers are exploring innovative ways to integrate landscape elements into interior spaces.
  • These 9 kitchen trends are here to stayUnusual materials, double islands, and more—here are a few of designers’ favourite things.
  • Take cues from this modern kitchen and give standard built-ins a custom, designer-like makeover by painting the backing acontrasting color.

Luxury takes many forms in the kitchen, a room that has evolved from humble utilitarian origins to a design focal point where families can congregate. And while trends come and go, there are a few signature elements that are coming to define the look of high-end kitchens, from imported marble islands to statement lighting to those signature red knobs on Wolf ranges. This navy and white kitchen from Becca Interiors has a timeworn, lived-in feel thanks to reclaimed wood, dark countertops, and open shelving filled with collected items. Regardless of your design style or layout, kitchen walls are almost always reserved for cabinetry or open shelves.