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There are exceptions, such as when a tall run of cabinetry stops short of the ceiling. Here, a soft glow of light could be used to illuminate a dark patch to create a balanced look. If there is enough space, kitchen island ideas can be an ideal addition to any kitchen. They have so many uses, from additional prep surface, a place for the sink, a spot for the hob, somewhere for drinks and a place to cook in front of guests. When our studio first opened in 2011, kitchens all seemed to be neutral in color, whether they were classic or contemporary,’ says Tiffany Duggan.

Touches of brass create the effect of subtle jewellery in the room. Involve the kitchen design and layout opening out to the dining room or the living room space. This offers a casual vibe and allows for easier interaction between those in the kitchen and people in the living or dining spaces.

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If you worry about getting it dirty, try a traditional look that’s machine washable. While countertops once served a strictly utilitarian purpose, these days, they’re more of a design element. When you choose a material as gorgeous as this white marble, why restrict it to only your countertops? This waterfall style extends your counters down the sides to the floor making for a stunning showpiece. You’ll need strong task lights above surfaces and islands but something softer and more design led than practical for any living spaces you might have in your kitchen. This was a massive trend last year and looks like it will continue to be into 2020.

  • Pairing green cabinetry or walls with natural light or warm lighting fixtures can accentuate this color’s calming and inviting qualities.
  • In tune with general kitchen trends towards creating homely spaces, rustic kitchen ideas are more popular than ever.
  • Classic crisp white cabinets work for any kitchen, and they are especially useful in narrow galley kitchens.
  • Open shelving with an artful display of kitchen must-haves can open the room out even more.

Combining neutral colors with organic materials such as wooden countertops and stone backsplashes establishes a connection with nature, bringing a sense of tranquility into the heart of the home. You may love the idea of a bright white kitchen or all-neutral look, but you may want to add a little more visual appeal through color. A sage green hue is a great neutral color to incorporate that still stays true to that clean and bright neutral look. A wet bar is an area of the home where you can have a little fun with colors, textures, and eclectic design elements. Here, White Sands added bubblegum pink cabinets paired with half moon brass pulls to create a vintage, retro vibe that was inspired by Venice Beach. In this kitchen from Ashley Montgomery Design, midnight blue cabinets extend all the way up to the ceiling to create a wall of storage in the relatively compact space.

Country-style Kitchens

Turn them right up when you want to clean the room, dim them right down when you want a softer mood. ‘As the layout develops, start thinking about the lighting, not only for wiring purposes, but also so that you can problem solve as the plans unfold. For example, I would usually use LEDs under the wall cupboards to light the worktop. Without them, another lighting solution is required, so instead I might include wall lights on swing arms that can be angled to suit.

  • Our architectural approach to design means we consider the entire space the kitchen sits in, not just the product itself.
  • We often integrate pull-outs, inserts, and dividers in our cabinetry to create the optimal amount of storage for our clients.
  • It was a time when kitchens were seen as a place to let your personality show, and you could really let your hair down.
  • Consider a bold island or a colorful appliance to create visual interest.

Depending on your space you could have just one large prints – this always looks very cool in a small kitchen when you don’t want too much fuss – or you could create a gallery wall. Yep, it’s a think and a great way to change the look of your kitchen on a budget. Obviously we wouldn’t recommend you wallpaper an area that’s going to get constantly wet – say behind a sink, but to add some color and pattern behind a worktop it works really well. In this stylish Scandinavian apartment from Fantastic Frank, a modern black kitchen is positioned in the center of the main living area between the living and dining areas.