Kitchen Design Ideas: 40 Small, modern kitchen ideas 2023


They allow homeowners to showcase favorite china patterns or collections. Color-coordinated dinnerware looks especially pleasing behind glass. You can bring in elaborate statement centrepieces to the kitchen island design. So, the themes, patterns, pieces of furniture need to be of the same family for all zones in the kitchen.

  • Decorative wood beams, a diamond detail on the custom wood islands, and delicate pairs of matching pendant lighting add symmetry and structure to the large open space.
  • The countertop was 3 feet deep to allow for a 12″ overhang, as typical base cabinets are 24″ deep.
  • A large contemporary bubble light makes a statement while keeping the space feeling airy.
  • Bespoke lighting ranging from illuminated glass-front display cabinetry to pendant lights and sconces also enhance the luxury feel.
  • ‘Painted kitchens work particularly well for their timeless appeal and because they are so useful to repaint every now and then to create a different look and feel.
  • Anocean-blue backsplashbreaks up the neutral colors and provides a focal point that will leave you dreaming of a day at the beach.

Ensure the space above or below the kitchen countertops doesn’t have pointed ends, like handles to cabinets, as they can get in the way. How to plan and buy an IKEA kitchen At IKEA, find all the products you need to complete your dream kitchen! Whether your kitchen is large or small, we offer a wide range of well-designed products and coordinated kitchen designs that’ll support every need, style, and budget. While our cultural aesthetic lays great emphasis on natural light for well-lit kitchens, task lighting is one of the modern tenets of design that we have made our own. And if you are looking for small kitchen ideas, lighting is a great way to make the space look bigger.

Pops of Color and Pattern

These orange stools add a whimsical touch to this traditional design with no effort at all. When creating a cohesive design, it’s common to want all your hardware, faucets, and pendant lights to match. However, this kitchen design proves you don’t need to get everything in the same finish. Mixing metals, like the gold pendants, silver faucet, iron stools, and nickel stove hood, work well together in this space. A bold color selection makes a huge difference in the final look and feel of your kitchen design. This moody green hue is so good, a minimal backsplash is all you need to tie the space together.

This DIY English country cottage kitchen renovation from Lobster and Swan features reclaimed wood shelving, flooring, base cabinetry, and wall-mounted shelving made from recycled wood crates. Stain it all in the same dark color as seen here for a cohesive look. An all-black kitchen is a neutral choice that is as versatile as an all-white kitchen while providing a moodier and sophisticated look. Louis Duncan-He Designs gave this 1950s kitchen a gut reno, installing a black-on-black backsplash, kitchen island, cabinets, and countertops.

Use Light Wood Tones

Palmieri was tasked with accommodating a cooking and gathering area large enough for a couple and their children in this small kitchen. Instead of traditional bar stools at the island, she added two long benches to maximize the seating potential. Old cabinetry can sometimes look worn down, but it also doesn’t function as well as modern cabinetry does, notes Rodeheaver.

  • It maximizes your working surface area, allows for more storage, and offers another place to sit.
  • Some of the more popular kitchen designs of the 1990s include the open kitchen, the breakfast nook, and the farmhouse kitchen.
  • Since it’s a minimalist kitchen, you always want to avoid extravagance.
  • If you need to replace your kitchen floors and want to choose a finish that will stand the test of time, choose classic black-and-white checkerboard floor tiles, like this space from Erin Williamson Design.
  • If you’re a little concerned with the potential wear and tear, you can reserve a section for a different material, such as stainless steel.

This can double as a workplace for all your kitchen creations and a gathering place for a sit-down family dinner. A sprawling farm table invites family and friends to linger at the center of this spacious country kitchen. White furniture-style cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen balance the dark slate tile floors and substantial wood ceilings. A modern light fixture above the table brings the look into the 21st century. Employclever kitchen organizationto give a sense of structure to open storage.