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Whether you want modern kitchen cabinets that have a minimalistic design, or kitchens that play with colors and textures, we have the cabinets that will compliment and complete your preferred design. Schueller product range includes a variety of cabinet units made from top quality materials, including wood, laminate, lacquer and glass. This eclectic dine-in kitchen has a colorful rainbow variety of small backsplash tiles to complement the light wooden cabinetry and black countertop of the L-shape kitchen. This is paired with a small kitchen island of the same tone making it stand out against the dark hardwood flooring. This Industrial-style dine-in kitchen has matte gray walls and ceiling with recessed lights and a skylight over the cooking area at the L-shaped structure of the wall. This structure matches with the wooden kitchen island beside the dining table that matches well with the gray floor tiles.

  • For an elegant yet playful kitchen aesthetic, borrow some ideas from this beautiful space dreamed up by CM Natural Design.
  • Below, we share our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas—from small, budget-friendly ideas to big, dramatic upgrades to help inspire your kitchen design.
  • This approach will make a large kitchen feel airy or make a smaller one feel more spacious.

You can use neutral tones in any style space to create a more timeless feel. Stick with neutrals such white, taupe, gray, black, or black and white. Use bright or otherwise non-neutral colors as accents via wall paint, textiles, or accessories. This space is the ideal fusion of laid-back beach style and sleek contemporary design. The wooden chandelier and the white stools perfectly depict the breezy atmosphere of a coastal home.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Upgrade Your Cookspace

The impeccable finishes are what really make the kitchen in this classic Queenslander shine. A symphony of textures plays the lead role in this glorious white-on-white kitchen. This pared-back kitchen features a concealed pantry and study nook which are both illuminated by a skylight. Floor-to-ceiling storage in makes full use of the space in this renovated 1920s California bungalow. What are the basic components of a modular kitchen and what appliances should one consider while setting up a kitchen is what we’ll explore next. The first step to getting your kitchen right is to know the layout of your kitchen.

  • Play with color and tone in a contemporary kitchen by mixing cool blue tiles with warm wood beams.
  • Together, these aspects create an inviting atmosphere that makes a luxury kitchen much more than just a place to prepare meals.
  • Here’s another creative way to gain more storage in a small kitchen.
  • It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator.

A glossy, textured ceramic tile, and created a mural with black, grey and red pieces. The wall that separated the utility yard from the kitchen was a translucent acrylic door to help bring in more sunlight. A strong sense of lines plus a commitment to open spaces puts this modern at the top of our list.

Craftsman Kitchens

In keeping with the buttoned up appearance of this kitchen from Michelle Berwick Design, a hidden pantry lit by the natural light from a window adds ample storage, and disappears behind cabinetry when not in use. Taking an ambitious approach to the design and fittings can result in striking small kitchens that punch way above their weight. While the long-established preference for going ‘light and bright’ when decorating small spaces does apply, it’s important not to let your kitchen slip into neutral obscurity.

  • Consider including real or LED candles in your lighting plan for a timeless feel.
  • Learn how to make the most of a modest-sized kitchen, or how to use lighting to great effect in an open plan kitchen ideal for entertaining guests.
  • Who ever said that storage is boring, or that function cancels out any fun factor?!
  • Brass hardware adds warmth to the green paint and white backsplash.
  • The majority of worktop features, especially for breakfast bars, use contrasting materials like wood and quartz composite, with different level thickness.