Kitchen Trends 2022: New Color, Cabinet and Countertop Ideas

Modern kitchen design consists of sleek, angular, and simple designs featuring little hardware, flush doors, and flat surfaces. They are usually of geometric forms and they contain little or no ornamentation or adornments. Erin Williamson Design chose flat-front dark walnut cabinetry to ground this spacious all-white kitchen. Below, we share our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas—from small, budget-friendly ideas to big, dramatic upgrades to help inspire your kitchen design. This London home by architecture studios Merret Houmøller Architects and All & Nxthing features clay-plaster walls, exposed brickwork and tile floors inspired by traditional Moroccan homes. In a smaller space where even a small kitchen island would block flow or make the space feel too cramped, compromise with a small kitchen peninsula instead, like this space from K Shan Design.

Pictured in this design by Collected Interiors, the open shelving leverages vertical wall space and serves as a place to store both decor and kitchen necessities. Regardless of the style of your home, the easiest way to update your kitchen is through accessories and add-ons that will definitely make this essential room even more practical and cozy. You can incorporate some kitchen wall decor designs to match the rest of the house or go for an unexpected vibe with unique open shelves to display your most precious cookbooks, glassware, or vintage dishes. If your budget allows it, create a DIY coffee or bar space to entertain your guests and upgrade the room experience. Kitchen carts are a stylish option to organize or set the tone for the rest of the layout. This modest kitchen boasts big details, including vaulted ceilings with rustic charm.

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It can also serve to create a more social environment by adding a seating area. Using a peninsula instead of an island is a good idea if you are limited on space, but want the functionality and social aspects of an island. The key difference between a peninsula and an island kitchen layout is that a peninsula is only accessible from three sides, rather than all four. If your room is large enough, you could even have a dining table or island in the centre around the U-shape to create a central work/social area while cooking. It can also give you a longer run of countertops and the option to add more wall units above. Having your tall full-height cabinetry on the smaller side of the L can be space-efficient, especially if there is a window in the long run.

  • While styles like farmhouse and mid-century modern are still popular, homeowners are getting more streamlined in their overall aesthetic, designs and alternative materials for kitchens.
  • The Swedish furniture giant offers a variety of affordable and space-saving solutions for compact kitchens.
  • Our 60 cm condenser dryers fit into cabinets and require no venting.
  • Ashley Montgomery Design paired sage green upper and lower cabinets with a marble slab and shiplap backsplash, plus brass plumbing fixtures and natural wood accents for a modern traditional look.
  • We asked more than a dozen top designers from across the country about their predictions for kitchen design trends in 2021, and the vast majority of them have seen common threads in light of this year’s events.
  • Stick with neutrals such white, taupe, gray, black, or black and white.