Kitchen Trends 2022: New Color, Cabinet and Countertop Ideas


Think cabinets and appliances with push-to-open technology, plenty of pantry space, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, easy-to-clean quartz countertops, and grout-free floors. Neutral kitchen cabinets such as white, black, or natural wood will never truly go out of style. Kitchen cabinet color trends come and go, but you can feel safe that shades of blue and green will have plenty of longevity.

  • The rise of the ‘working kitchen’ has seen an increased demand for multi-functional spaces.
  • Speaking of flooring, this is also a key part of your kitchen design and something you can do to update your current kitchen.
  • We love how this all-black kitchen design incorporates matte-black cookware to match, giving this entire space a cohesive feel.
  • In this black and white kitchen, the matte black hood takes center stage while the white tile and cabinetry bring a little brightness to the room.
  • We were recommended Surreal as being a professional, quality company.

The utility and longevity of a butler’s pantry cannot be understated. It’s a great addition for a foodie, and an increasingly popular feature for homeowners that relish in the ritual of hosting. In an age where color is being re-emphasized in the kitchen, a sense of relaxation will come from other design elements like shape. Thus, rounded corners are a great option for achieving this result. This royal tint perfectly pairs up with the off-whites of the countertops and walls.

Modern Statement Lighting

If neon yellow is overstimulating, try painting your kitchen cabinets in a soft pastel yellow instead, like this kitchen from Forge and Bow Dwellings. Having a few glass-front cabinets in your kitchen allows visitors to locate what they need while allowing you to display your favorite dishes. Plus, it can be aesthetically pleasing if you love keeping your cabinets perfectly organized. Cathie Hong Interiors gave this California kitchen a Scandi-style inspired refresh by painting the existing cabinetry in a mix of soft gray and white.

  • K Shan Design proves more is more with this fun-loving kitchen, which mixes palm prints, hexagon tiles, black-and-white flooring, and a vintage rug.
  • This design was popular for its open layout and its ability to allow for more natural light to enter the kitchen.
  • Creamy white cabinets and natural wood refresh this light and bright modern kitchen.