Modern Kitchen 22 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For A New Kitchen


Below is a before and after photo of an apartment that we renovated in NYC on the upper west side. Kitchen can be a design feature, therefore greater emphasis on kitchen design is necessary. You must ensure sufficient distance between the island and other counters and/or walls.

  • This beautiful blue island features plenty of cabinet space, which leaves room for some open shelving on the other side of the kitchen.
  • Add visual interest with statement pendant lights and a hanging range hood.
  • This breezy space by Meredith Marlow Interiors makes white the central force but infuses texture through soft veining on the backsplash and island, a silver range hood, crystal light fixtures, and blue accents.
  • Adding a metal door panel is an easy upgrade, and they come in several different designs.
  • Without a proper layout and a good deal of closed storage, a U-shaped kitchen can feel cluttered.

We’re here to help you get started with everything you need to know. Open kitchens are great for those who want a more connected and inclusive living space where cooking, dining, and entertaining can all happen within an eye’s view. These designs break down the barriers of traditional kitchen walls, encouraging interaction between the cook and their guests or family members and making the kitchen the true heart of the home. The open-plan design invites more natural light, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that exudes a sense of freedom and togetherness. Luxury kitchens are the epitome of high-end design and functionality, blending aesthetic appeal with top-notch efficiency.

Install a Farmhouse Sink

With a square white tile backsplash and a gray wood kitchen island table,’ says Zaeem Chaudhary. With Signature, you can now unlock perfect kitchen harmony where kitchen design is in sync with innovative accessories and customised kitchen cabinets. The Signature Kitchen Series introduces kitchen designs that go beyond mere function. This series not only considers the practical aspects of a kitchen such as storage and workflow but also prioritises style and visual appeal. To ensure functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, we build high-quality and elegant kitchen cabinets that provide ample storage space while being visually appealing. If you’re ready to shake things up a bit and try something different than a white kitchen, matte black is a great option especially if your home allows in plenty of natural light.

  • John visited the site on numerous occasions to ensure everything was just so.
  • From cabinetry to counters, you can use our virtual kitchen planner to test a variety of products for a desired look.
  • “We wanted the space to feel very welcoming, so we focused on bringing in warm tones through our floating shelves, various textures, and honey bronze hardware,” she explains.

This breakfast bar features a reclaimed wood with unfinished edges, making for a stunning showpiece. If we’re being honest, we’ve never thought to mix wood finishes within a single project. This kitchen boasts three different tones and even includes a chevron application on the single cabinet that houses the refrigerator.

Mix and Match Layout Ideas To Suit the Space

The aqua backsplace pictured here brings this space to life without feeling kitschy. ‘If you’re lucky enough to have an eat-in kitchen island, pair it with white oak stools and striped seat cushions. The combination is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of Scandinavian charm,’ suggests Emily Brown. The warmth of wood, when complemented by serene neutrals like soft beiges and greiges or muted whites, creates a kitchen that exudes both warmth and sophistication, embodying the essence of Japandi design.