Top 40 Kitchen Trends for 2023 That Our Editors Love


And before you go thinking rugs aren’t practical in a kitchen, they can be, you just have to choose the right fabric, color and pattern. Top choice for us would be a hardwearing jute rug that will hide scuffs and stains. You could also go for a rug that’s already ‘worn’ – you know the ones that already look they have been in someon’s home for decades.

  • Embrace the serenity of a neutral palette, the functionality of streamlined cabinetry and layout, and the warmth of natural materials to create a Japandi-inspired kitchen.
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  • Print and hang phone numbers, grocery lists, calendars, and more in a common area where everyone in the house will know where to find them.
  • Given the level of investment, cabinetry is probably the one thing you don’t want to change, but you can always repaint the walls and replace the backsplash in the future if you wish,’ advises Tiffany.

It’s worth noting that using the key features of the room is just as important as starting with date and style – after all, you’re not looking to create a slavishly accurate historical replica. And where possible, use authentic materials to create a characterful look. This works particularly when you are looking for kitchen flooring ideas – the brick look of this herringbone flooring is spot on. Perhaps the easiest way to add pattern, and one that is simple to update, is to use interesting wallpaper ideas and fabric. The trend for kitchens to be larger, to be an open space that incorporates some form of living zone, encourages décor with curtains or blinds, and perhaps even a sofa and cushions.

Rectangular U-Shaped Layout

Thanks to its vinyl coating, this botanical mural is durable enough to withstand the moisture, heat, and splatters of daily cooking. This charming kitchen has multiple tones that complement each other like the light wooden cabinetry that matches with the light hardwood flooring. This goes well with the dark red tone of the walls that complement the black countertops and backsplash. This homey kitchen that is dominated by its wooden structures has wine storage built into the large wooden kitchen island.

  • Consider the mood enhancing effects of color to bring a compact kitchen’s personality to life.
  • In this light-flooded L-shaped kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors, a palette of dove gray and soft white creates a soothing Scandi style-inspired backdrop with a California twist.
  • A minimal colour scheme is essential in creating the calm, relaxing sanctuary that epitomizes Scandi-style.
  • One of the best features is the bar stool seating provided at the counter.
  • It’s time to get rid of those hand-me-down pots and mismatched pans for a more streamlined look.
  • A luxury kitchen will also have high-end, custom finishes and custom built-in cabinetry, with flawless craftsmanship and an attention to detail on everything from the choice of wall tile to cabinet hardware.

Here, Cedar & Oak adds subtle color by painting the underside of the island a soft sage green. Leather lends a handsome touch, while black and white details anchor the space. You’ve got plenty of options for cabinetry in modern kitchens, including open shelving. While having everything on display might not be for everyone, it can be great for showing off favorite items or storing things you reach for frequently. Pictured in this design by Collected Interiors, the open shelving leverages vertical wall space and serves as a place to store both decor and kitchen necessities.

Mix and Match Design Styles

A freestanding bookshelf is not only a practical addition, it can add instant color and personality to your space. A kitchen island is another great kitchen idea, and again you don’t have to be buying a whole new kitchen to add one to your current space. You can buy a kitchen island separately or even pick up something like a butcher’s block secondhand for a similar effect. Be sure to fill up shelves with lots of lovely knick knacks – crockery, cookware, jugs, flowers, plants, prints, anything and everything that looks pretty.