Top Bathroom Ideas for 2021 What Trends Are In for Bathrooms

In particular, a little space doesn’t need to look cramped or cluttered when you include a couple of smart strategies. Also, your room can soon rock excellent style and sophistication, regardless of whether you only have shower room to deal with. Here are all the products you need to create a stylish and functional bathroom in a small space. If you can install a window and a large mirror, you’ll have plenty of natural light spread around the room. If your bathroom is in the 5×6 range, then opt for a corner shower.

If you’re a bath person, focus on atmospheric bathroom lighting to create ambience near the bath. Waterproof light fittings can be added inside the bath and shower, creating a luxurious spa effect as they shimmer through the water. Parisian bathroom decor has been trending for the past few months, and you can see why.

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If you want a shower space, toilet, and washbasin, your bathroom needs to be at least 15 square feet. Wet room bathrooms are also popular choices for older homeowners who are planning to age in place. Handles, supports, and benches can be built into the design, making it both attractive and easy to navigate for older adults or those with mobility challenges. However, if you only have one bathroom in the house, and it has a bathtub, turning it into a wet room could hurt your sales prospects, as buyers prefer a room with at least one tub. Once upon a time, it was common to have closed-off kitchens and separate dining rooms.

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Use subway tiles in new ways for a sassy, modern twist

“If raising the ceiling isn’t an option, another thing you can do to make a small bathroom appear larger is to recess all of the mirrors and any closets that you can.” Even if you need to declutter, you don’t want your bathroom to look too bare. “To add decoration without cluttering the area, play with functional decoration (i.e., elements you would have to use in your bathroom anyway),” says Chaumien. She suggests starting with mirrors for light; little rattan baskets for storage; a beautiful shower curtain; or even an aesthetically pleasing bath mat. While it can be tempting to go all-out with patterns in a smaller bathroom as a way to create a statement on a small scale, Durkin suggests taking a step back and really being strategic. “Put a pattern on the floor, for example,” she says, “but keep the walls neutral by adding texture either in a molding detail or wallpaper.”


Onyx material is the best way to add interest to the bathroom in a dramatic way. The onyx wall and counter design take the stage in this small, otherwise ordinary powder room. Other white features and white walls keep a simple look and allow onyx designs’ steal attention. The curved shape of the tub and matte black faucet kit create a modern look. Concrete floor and walls contribute to this sleek and relaxing atmosphere.