Wet Room Bathrooms Design Ideas

Classic and timeless, Arabescato marble with its striking veining, embodies Italian elegance at its very best and is nearly always high on any list of bathroom tile trends. If you are using tiles or marble, Ivo says you can easily match your wall and floor pattern for a really striking finish. This Large Peace Lily from The Sill comes with free delivery and measures between 16”-24” tall. Making use of the best trailing plants will add character to your space, too.


You can pair it with a simple roller shade if you need more light or privacy control. Don’t forget to incorporate smart storage options to make your small bathroom functional as well as stylish. Emily Henderson Design optimized the under-sink vanity cabinet with wire baskets that slide in and out so that items don’t get lost at the back of the cabinet. Give a small guest bathroom a friendly and welcoming feel with a mosaic tile greeting.

Curb-less, Door-less Showers

“In this guest bathroom, we knew we wanted to go with marble because it is so timeless,” says interior designer Liz Williams. “We chose the classic herringbone pattern to add interest and to highlight the marble’s beautiful veining. The pattern and scale help make smaller spaces seem larger.” Black tile with subtle veining creates instant drama in this bathroom designed by KozyKasa. To tie the space together, the same marble was used around the tub, and black hardware was incorporated throughout. A nice pop of color is added via the vanity, lending some visual contrast and warmth.

Rounded mirrors and a subtle wallpaper soften the room and create a soothing atmosphere. Now preppy and sophisticated, this bathroom feels fresh with an almost all-white redesign. The separate mirrors reflect plenty of natural light without giving off the glare of a full-on mirrored wall. As we’ve said before, bathrooms are the perfect place to play with design. In this space by Michelle Gage, a bright blue and white patterned wallpaper is a showstopper. Between toiletries, makeup, and spare towels, bathrooms demand lots of storage.

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Whether open shelves, a zero-entry shower, or windows with a roll shade that can be completely hidden when not in use, keeping the sightlines open will make the lines, shapes, and materials the main focus. Once you find the right mix, you won’t want doors and unnecessary flourishes to stand in the way of showing them off. Patricia Shannon is a freelance homes writer for Better Homes & Gardens with over a decade of editorial experience. Her areas of expertise include decorating, cleaning, and how-to content. Patricia is also a regular contributor with Southern Living and Coastal Living magazines.

  • An evening at this Kelly Behun–designed retreat means soaking in a custom metallic tub beside a plush vintage Claude Bleynie tapestry.
  • Combined with RoomSketcher’s powerful customization options, users can accurately represent their desired bathroom design and bring their vision to life.
  • Although FloorPlanner gives users very little scope to complain, the tool could be made slightly better by adding provisions for cost estimates once the design is complete.

Stand in the middle of the bathroom, and the entire space becomes the shower. When you’re done, you can wipe the wet surfaces, and it’s a regular bathroom again. Navigating the world of small bathroom design can often feel like solving a captivating puzzle. It’s about finding ingenious solutions to make the most of limited space while transforming it into a personal oasis of tranquility. Designing a bathroom layout involves careful planning to ensure functionality and aesthetics. Start by considering the location of existing plumbing and electrical lines to minimize costly changes.