15 Asian Decor Ideas for Timeless Elegance

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  • This living room mixes marble and brick, which adds a rustic touch to an otherwise glam fireplace.
  • Styling vintage silver pieces adds elegance to your tables and countertops.
  • Think fresh florals, bright colors and lightweight fabrics in every room.
  • Confronted with a written list, it’s easier to determine what you can and can’t live without and to find creative solutions.
  • The secret is to break up color with a neutral base, such as white, which really allows bright tones to pop.
  • Designer Annie Sloan tied a bunch of eucalyptus and berries with a ribbon to decorate a pink door edged with a painted green frame.

‘Not only are the walls and trim painted in the same color, we took the color up onto the knee walls and ceiling. With this attic bedroom having lots of nooks and slanted walls it feels like the perfect respite for book reading and quiet moments,’ adds Connie. A leather chair sits neatly beside a walnut chest and the wool plaid draperies and heavily textured fabrics are a perfect choice to cozy up this rustic room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up Your Space With Patterns

“Take advantage of nooks and perches by windows so you can enjoy the outdoors while remaining warm and cozy indoors,” says Butler. “Keep throws and pillows nearby for comfort.” You can also consider positioning furniture in the perfect spot to enjoy falling leaves and wintry views. Choosing too many items can feel cluttered, but one or two carefully chosen pieces can instantly create a cheerful and elegant wintery ambiance. Create moments or cozy corners.Think of the activities you do in each space.


You’ll also cover special topics such as working with contractors and using interior decorating software. In a bonus online text, discover how to create a stunning interior decorating portfolio that will help to attract new clients and build your brand. If you’ve fallen in love with a striking fabric, consider using that as your starting point. “From fabrics, you can choose your overall color palette.” Then, you can work your way to paints, prints, textures, and more.

Black-and-White Graphics

“I incorporated curved wooden coffee tables and went with a neutral palette,” Steele says. “The boucle chair adds softness to the space, and the rug is a subtle nod to the sandy shores.” She also added pickled floors to add a sun-bleached and worn feeling. To help lighten up the space, she brought in brighter linens for the bed. “I chose the carpet since anything with roping feels coastal, and there’s a nostalgia to it braided rugs,” Clapp says. “The coffee table is wired-brushed wood which feels weathered and wind-blown.” For this coastal bedroom, Sarah Kaplan wanted to include sailing photos since the homeowners are avid sailors.

  • In Indian culture, textiles hold great importance as they are believed to bring positive energy and prosperity into the home.
  • A sofa set on the diagonal, for in­stance, widens a space visually.
  • Opt for scrolls or framed calligraphy that complements your interior aesthetics, creating a sophisticated and contemplative atmosphere.
  • Accents like white throw pillows and a crocheted throw blanket add textural interest, while a light wood round coffee table and jute rug lend an airy feel.
  • Simply string a garland of dried flowers, berries, and twisted branches through your chandelier.