15 Asian Decor Ideas for Timeless Elegance


Many of the various Texas Metro areas whether it be DFW, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso or Austin are creating loft spaces, both new and old. Revitalization and the need for more housing in already heavily populated areas create even more opportunities for Texas Inspired interior designs. Southwestern Style Smaller homes as pictured above with smaller rooms make a great backdrop for Southwestern style combined with Texas style. A focal wall can also make a room appear larger and adds some warmth and color to the space.


A beautiful woven star surrounds the lighting overhead, tying the space together. Inside, B&W checkerboard floors and botanical wallpaper offer up further whimsy. A zebra head and peacock artwork tops off the wildlife theme—again proving that bohemian style can push the boundaries of what is traditionally “meant to go together” in interior design. IKEA Bali, the shopping and inspiration hub on the Dewata Island, is ready to be your best partner in fulfilling all your furniture and home decor needs.

Go Big in a Small Bathroom

Add various sized pots in clusters of three, flanking the ends of an outdoor lounge or the four corners of an outdoor dining table. This daring light fixture adds a playful touch to an otherwise streamlined space. A neutral color scheme will never go out of style but it can be hard to keep it interesting. Follow Bespoke Only’s lead and look for furniture in neutral shades but stunning shapes. Our favorite feature of this room has to be the deep green ceiling tile—another gorgeous take on a simple color scheme.

  • Layers — a pillow atop a pillow, chair pads on rush seats, matchstick blinds with cotton drapes — cook up warmth.
  • Set into the reclaimed-oak flooring, they work in lieu of an area rug.
  • Decorating your home is one thrilling and rewarding experience that enables you to flaunt your creativity and personalize your living space.
  • Shabby chic is a 1980s trend that mixes influences from French Country to vintage, cottage, and Scandinavian to create a homey style full of comfy furniture, weathered finishes, and romantic accents.
  • Whatever you are looking for, whatever your home interior design theme might be, there is a high possibility that we will have a variety of options available for you.