15 Best Budget Decorating Ideas from Interior Designers How to Decorate on a Budget

Black and white can work in a traditional, modern, glam, or even farmhouse space (and so many more!). Though both colors are neutral, the contrast makes a huge impact. In small or open concept spaces, sometimes you have to combine your living and eating spaces. Do as Anne Sage did in this home and add a rug to your living space to define that area. A neutral color scheme will never go out of style but it can be hard to keep it interesting. Follow Bespoke Only’s lead and look for furniture in neutral shades but stunning shapes.

  • Mary Patton Design chose a spearmint shade of green to create an instant focal point.
  • Try painting a mural over textured paper for an even greater impact.
  • Doors rarely get the same love that our windows, walls, and floors do, so before purchasing a new piece of home décor, consider whether the items that are built-in to your space need a makeover.
  • Opt for neutral colored walls as a backdrop to highlight the craftsmanship of these ornamental touches.
  • Their interiors are usually a neutral monochromatic palette of authentic chalky whites, muted grays, and blues, with a touch of warm browns.

A black, white, and brass kitchen in a rental by Brady Tolbert, spiffed up large scale art. Warmer weather means you can pack away your winter layers, like heavy throw blankets and pillows. Refresh your bed with white sheets, floral pillow covers and linen throws. Think fresh florals, bright colors and lightweight fabrics in every room. Home Basket Bali are representing the simplicity and natural wealth of Indonesia to the world.

What are the elements of traditional Indian interior design?

Coastal scenes evoke a range of blues from both the sky and sea, so consider leaning into that color palette in your home. At least four shades of blue are incorporated in this design by Creative Tonic, including some details that weave in texture—like the velvet couch and patterned accent chair. It’s no wonder we want to bottle up that captivating allure and let it pour throughout our homes in the form of coastal décor. Whether you live within earshot of rolling waves or not, there are countless ways you can infuse this aesthetic into your space. And the best part is that you can turn up the dial as much or as little as you want while putting your own spin on the style. Wendy Rose Gould is a veteran freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Ariz. with over 10 years of experience.


If your budget does not allow for actual renovations, then doing minor kitchen remodels or adding an outdoor space such as a patio can make a big difference in your space. Painting your front door and sprucing up your yard increases your curb appeal. Inside simple alterations such as replacing kitchen hardware and faucets will give the space a more modern feel along with replacing light fixtures and flooring.

Fresh Throw Pillows

A fringe-patterned pillow cozies up this reading nook, designed with a plush geometric motif. The pinks and oranges play off the warmth of the leather seating alongside it. Kitchens can be tricky to style since they have to be utilitarian in nature. However, bohemian style can come in through tiling and hardware—as seen in this space. Black and white semicircular motifs inject playfulness into the backsplash. “Look for rugs that feel sophisticated but give a sense of walking on sand, or an abstraction of sand, such as jute,” she says.

  • Create a backdrop for colorful art, furniture, and decor with neutral medium gray grasscloth wallpaper.
  • Faux trees, plants and topiaries infuse your room with a tropical ambiance, while wreaths and garlands add texture to wall displays, archways and doorways.
  • In the realm of interior design, the allure of Asian decor is unparalleled.
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  • This will allow you to showcase lots of your favorite pieces at once, and add a more personal touch than just paintings might do.
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A neutral background showcases the wonderful architectural features of this home. Texas Modern Industrial FarmhouseMany of Austins’ newer homes are Modern Industrial Farmhouse style or Texas Modern Industrial as they are commonly called. They are reminiscent of the traditional Texas farmhouse that you still see scattered across the more rural areas of Texas. This popular style of home is becoming more and more common in Austin and the surrounding hill country region of Texas. Rustic Modern Industrial Farmhouse A more modern industrial look paired with the already existing rustic farmhouse elements can be seen in both rural and urban Texas homes.