18 Best Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Well known for their selection of unique décor pieces from the oh-so-popular hand-carved water buffalo skulls, to intricately hand-beaded cushions , you never know what you can expect to find here. When it’s a furniture and homeware shopping story, you know Toko Emporium has to be mentioned. Photo Via Trip_1, Rumiko Order up a juice or milkshake, and choose from the selection of baked treats. Cakes, tarts, pastries and more, brunching is casual, fun, and stylish affair here. For the fans of resort-styled homes, or even those who follow Instagram accounts like villa styling, this shop is where you need to go. Bungalow Living is exactly as its name suggests – they provide all sorts of resort/villa/bungalow style homeware and furnishings here.


Explore this luxurious six-bedroom villa in Palm Jumeirah, designed by Dr. Shams Naga. But, florals really are gorgeous for spring, and there are so many chic ways to try out this print for the spring season. To add some freshness to your daily routine, why not spice up your laundry room and get it ready for spring as well? This gorgeous space features pastel pink cabinetry and faux florals to liven and refresh laundry day. Mixing wood tones and textures give neutrals a bit of spice and visual interest. Plus, when the weather does warm up, it would be lovely to easily access your windows and open them—and that’s much easier without a large drape.

Embellishing with Indian Textiles: Luxurious Fabrics for a Regal Touch

Made of pumpkin-and-rose-colored velvet that’s lined with brown linen and stuffed with fiberfill, these faux fruits will lend texture to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Transform a plain grapevine wreath—which you can find at any craft store during fall—into a stunning display that welcomes guests with a festive greeting. Dried bunny tails, gold-painted sora pods, and velvet sewn to look like autumn flowers are glued onto the wreath, making it emblematic of the woodsy natural scene outdoors. Beyond a few dried grass elements, harvest-time branches are all you need to put this dramatic display, composed of green-and-burgundy leaves, together. Textural add-ons, like a fluted emerald vase and a nearby plate of seasonal fruit—try apples draped with wheat—polish off the vignette. I’m a Texas girl who loves all things about home decor and creating DIY projects for the home.

  • Hit up your favorite home goods store or DIY a few seasonal wreaths to decorate your door, windows, or mantel this autumn.
  • Texas style leans toward a contemporary, casual lifestyle for real life.
  • Bedding becomes a striking graphic element in the bedroom of this Christian Siriano project.
  • A warm palette consisting of reds, oranges, and yellows creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance.
  • Choose a variety of frames and sizes to create a dynamic and eclectic look, and mix in artwork or other decorative elements to balance the display.
  • The guest room’s faux-draped walls and ceiling were painted by decorative artist Agustin Hurtado.

A sculptural stainless-steel hood over a no-nonsense industrial-style range is equally as arresting. Tile gives you leeway to create all sorts of colorful mu­rals and mosaic designs to serve as eye-catchers in both kitchens and baths. Sometimes less-obvious focal points gain interest when they are off-center or not placed in the main part of the room. An antique cupboard filled with a collection of your grandmother’s majolica, a lovely hand-painted Chinese screen, an oversize painting, or a mass of healthy green plants would each fit this role. “”The delicate furniture balanced with the light color of the walls imbues this room with a Zen feeling. Cut out blocks — to scale again — to represent each piece of large furniture.