19 Best Real Estate Website Design Examples 2024


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  • The best place to buy your dream villa in Bali, excellent advice and transparency from the legal team.
  • The architecture navigates the steep pitch of the site with a layered arrangement, which is entered via the mid-level.
  • Overall, we are satisfied with both the quality of work and the services rendered by the sub-contractors.
  • Typically, there’s a beautiful mixture of chairs, tables and other furniture with both steel and wooden elements.

Consider the placement of light switches and outlets before placing and arranging your furniture. Planner 5D Floor Plan Creator lets you easily design professional 2D/3D floor plans without any prior design experience, using either manual input or AI automation. We recommend starting on the RoomSketcher Floor Plan Gallery as there are lots of home design plans that can all be modified in the RoomSketcher App. Alternatively, you can find floor plans for houses on other websites, and order this plan from RoomSketcher illustrators. They will redraw this home design plan in the RoomSketcher App so you are able to modify it to suit your needs. Draw house plans in minutes with our easy-to-use floor plan app.

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Where personality and interest will be well developed as the Luxury Antonovich Design as the full ability to enhance the decorations and style that will certainly boost their w… Different Living Room Concepts and IdeasLiving room designs require an exhaustive conceptualization. The open space is the main area in your home and it requires a huge space that should look beautiful and rich. Luxury Antonovich Design has been contracted to perform the most luxurious and elegant interior design for elite apartments in the United States. In fact, the team always assures us of creating the most elegant and unique apartment interiors.

If there is not enough light coming into a room, even a bigger room of landed property will appear smaller, cramped, and gloomy. Having large windows that allow greater amounts of sunlight to enter will immediately brighten up the appearance of any room. All in all, you’ll have the freedom to create a unique contemporary landed house design.

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Let’s take a look at their unique features and breathtaking beauty. Floor plans can be designed by a variety of professionals, depending on the specific project. Architects, interior designers and builders all create floor plans as part of their work for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. Make this real estate website design a good inspiration to delve into. Rich Land Dubai is one of the impressive creative, and modern real estate websites. The homepage design utilizes the full-screen layout with the necessary web elements on it and the integration of GSAP animation.


We often turn away submissions from architects or designers who don’t have the proven track records that we require for our new plans. We often turn away submissions from architects or home designers who don’t have the proven track records that we require for our new plans. Products are compatible with the Chief Architect professional architectural product line, and you can share your designs with friends and family using the 3D Viewer app.