22 Timeless Bathroom Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style


Also, new fixtures can only be located a limited distance from the existing drain line, and extensions to the line must slope down at the rate of at least 1/4 inch per foot. “”This layout conserves budget and time by lining plumbing against one wall. You’re going to jump into the shower right after you exercise anyway, right? Where your waste stack is located will have a lot to do with where the toilet is located. If it’s on a far wall and in a corner, a separate compartment is feasible. The compartment wall will run the full height of the room and should extend at least 3 feet in front of the toilet and a foot on each side; wider for universal accessibility.

  • This makes it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to elevate their design process and business.
  • For showers and vanity areas and areas around your bathroom aim for sufficient task lightings.
  • Plus, when swimsuit season is a distant memory, beach bathroom decor will help you recall the relaxed atmosphere of sunsets, sand and lazy days on the shore.
  • Consider turning your bathroom into your own personal oasis by adding luxurious upgrades such as a free-standing soaker tub, towel heaters, massaging shower heads, and more.
  • However, for those seeking in-depth customization and advanced architectural features, Planner 5D might fall short.

The main drawback is the investment and upheaval a wet room project brings, mainly due to the fact that all wet room ideas require proper tanking. Estate agents are quick to point out that a family home without a bath will be less saleable. For instance, if you have a large master bedroom, consider installing a freestanding, statement tub here for a dash of hotel chic. Real estate agents are quick to point out that a family home without a bath will be less saleable, but there are creative wet room ideas with baths you can explore.

Taps & Bath Fillers

This ordinary bathroom gets a major enhancement – an extraordinary accent wall! The bright mosaic tile includes shades of pink and copper, giving a delicate yet sparkly effect. Creative lighting and wall construction helped highlight the wall.

From timeless elegance to modern appeal, find inspiration to reimagine your interior. The black frame dividing the shower area, the black sanitary fittings and the black toiletries sure give an edgy and classy look to this otherwise simple and small bathroom space. If you are looking to design a luxurious master bathroom, you might consider adding some gold elements like this unique wash basin or the gold metallic accent wall. Stoke happy emotions, and create a ‘feel good’ experience for your bathroom space with unique and antique prints and design an impactful space.