Best Master Bathroom Design Ideas 2023

Here, statement tile is laid on the floor and shower walls while the rest of the space remains neutral. The glass shower not only helps show off the design but also creates the illusion of a larger space. If you’re drawn to light color palettes, this intriguing use of neutral-toned bathroom tiles might appeal to you. Interior designer Kristin Marino of KozyKasa says her team’s goal was to create a high-end spa experience in this bathroom remodel.

How much Art Deco color you want in your rooms relies on your approach to this distinctive decorating style. An almost monochromatic approach like beige and gray help contrasting forms from getting too visually jarring. Aston Matthews’s design for the bathroom will transport you to a time when luxury and beauty were commonplace. The walls are covered with flowers, and the floor is tiled in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern. Customizing every aspect, including materials, colors, patterns, and placement, is also an option, and the program provides 3D rendering of the layout as designers progress. The accurate and detailed perspective of the project helps designers understand how much progress they’ve made and what the bathroom might look like in real life.


It’s therefore important not to overlook the finer details like your accessories, towel hooks, toilet roll holders, mirrors, soap dispensers, and other decorative elements. An affordable option for your bathroom remodel is to hand-paint tiles. You’ll be surprised by how little effort is required to add a whole new lease of life to your space. Shiplap comes in both horizontal and vertical designs, both of which work great in bathrooms.

  • Take a cue from Avery Cox Design and try a dark-hued color palette.
  • If a little inspiration would help, opt for those with templates you can start from and adapt, or begin from scratch as you would on paper.
  • Kate Marker Interiors paired the wall decor with a vintage rug and brass accents for a modern feel.
  • In addition to general lighting, task lighting should be provided for each functional area in the bathroom .
  • Make the most of architectural details like crown moldings by preserving them, restoring them, and painting them in a lightly contrasting color to highlight their details.
  • “We opted for a honed porcelain tile that mimics the look of marble on the floors and carried it onto the shower walls,” she says.

COTTAGE + SEA decorated behind the tub with a large cactus and a decorative towel ladder to warm up the bath corner. Embrace a water theme in a small powder room with whimsical wallpaper. Michelle Berwick Design chose an illustrated scene of ducks floating in water in this black-and-white powder room that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This allows extra emphasis to the wall tiles, which form stripes of nude and soft pink, and the dotted sink counters made from terrazzo-style recycled plastic. Mosaic tiles were chosen for the bathroom of this renovated home in Perth, designed by Design Theory, to reference the property’s mid-century heritage. To reduce your bathroom remodel costs why not use PVC or UFP-Edge shiplap for your walls.

Tile 3D Bathroom Design

Windows provide a natural light source together with ventilation. Without them, you’ll need to develop some bathroom design ideas and color schemes that work well with artificial lighting. Spotlights compliment dark shades nicely to create a sharp and modern feel. This primary bathroom layout makes perfect sense when you need to share, but space is limited. It places plumbing fixtures on two walls, with the vanity and toilet on one side and the tub or shower on the opposite wall.

  • Choose a glass shower partition with rounded edges to soften the lines of your bathroom.
  • Make sure to choose fixtures and hardware that will last, such as brass or stainless steel.
  • According to Kathy Kuo, Interior Designer and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, one of the quickest ways to elevate your bathroom while keeping it minimal is to upgrade focal points—like plumbing or lighting.
  • Sink rim leaks occur when water seeps from under the rim or the base of the faucet.
  • In this space from Max Humphrey and Beebe Skidmore for Emily Henderson Design, the square bathtub niche is tiled with two-tone tiles in complementary colors.

This light, bright ensuite, located within a sophisticated penthouse apartment in Sydney’s CBD, pushes the boundaries of ‘open plan living’. The subtle deliniation of these two spaces relies on the visual cue of the flooring, which is mirrored in the change in ceiling height. Bring back inspiration from your travels, whether it be from a memorable view or a stylish hotel stay. Here, Joy Cho collaborated with designer Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus to create a serene yet unstuffy and fun primary bathroom in her home. Murnane fell in love with the beauty of zellige tiles while traveling in Marrakech, Morocco. Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors, this bathroom remodel stuck to soft, neutral tones throughout with a soft pop of color via a pale blue vanity.