23 kitchen layout ideas for the perfect configuration

Niche Interiors, this kitchen is the epitome of contemporary minimalism. If cozying up with a cup of coffee in the morning while bathing in the morning light sounds like something out of your own kitchen dreams, there are a few things you can do to make sure it happens. As homeowners continue to learn more about and copy the sensibilities of professional chef kitchens, expect foodies to be bringing the heat with professional spice racks. It’s aesthetically pleasing and provides the visitor personal insight into the literal tastes of the owner. 15 different ways you can achieve a contemporary look in your kitchen.


For many, it’s all about getting lots of concealed storage, so countertops are totally free of things. Other folks embrace minimalism as being a visual decor punctured by plain, flat front cabinetry and magnificent stone waterfall islands. We believe that the concept is about having an uncluttered & modest room with budget kitchen essentials. Even those preoccupied with maximalist style have their very own distinctive take on the simplified kitchen area.

Design Styles

Our showroom is conveniently located close to all main access routes to Galway city – 1 hour from Limerick, 2 hours from Dublin and 45 minutes from Athlone. When you are here, check out the vast array of home interiors, window, bathroom and tile showrooms in the Briar Hill Retail Park. Perfect for adding your own style and maximising the function of your kitchen. Your designer will present your design with a 3D walkthrough and a full breakdown of costs.

You can always achieve the trend by painting over an existing wooden hood if you want to continue a specific color story in your home. When asked about kitchen color trends in 2024, NKBA said greens will be the top choice. From calming sage to power-packed emerald, green isn’t going anywhere.