34 Clever Kitchen Layout Ideas to Optimize Functionality and Flow

Roomstyler is another efficient and easy online 3D design software with a robust kitchen design module. Like many other platforms, here you can start with the format/blueprint and afterward include the individual design components in your plan. Moreover, the software permits you to take a 3D render of your kitchen with a delightful choice of cabinetry. It houses a vast selection of tones, styles, and formats to help you design a kitchen that you always wanted. This is the best free kitchen design software if you are planning to get all your furniture from Ikea.

  • The open-plan design invites more natural light, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that exudes a sense of freedom and togetherness.
  • It should be designed in a way to access everything you need and work efficiently, without feeling cramped or overwhelmed.
  • Although whites and neutrals will have their place, 2023 represents a new age of invigoration and exploration.
  • Wood cabinetry with an antique glaze resembles French furniture, and the stone walls and iron details are distinctly French, too.

The software is great for those who do not have a high-resolution graphics card on their system and just want to do an entry-level task for personal-level designing. There is also a licensed version for businesses but at an individual level, it’s free of cost. ✔️ Access to 60K+ products in the catalog including a range of cabinetry, textures, finishes, and panellings to choose from. A built-in shelving system connecting to the kitchen houses plants, shoes, and other essentials.

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As well as plenty of cabinet storage you should make sure to design enough countertop space to accommodate food preparation, cooking, and serving, as well as space for small appliances and decorative elements. Design elements like adequate storage space, ample countertop area, and efficient lighting not only make a kitchen more functional and user-friendly but also contribute to the overall look and feel of the space. As a kitchen designer for the last 10+ years, I’ve gained some valuable insights into what it takes to create a truly timeless kitchen. When a kitchen is open to any visitor, simple colors like white and wood, plus cabinets that hide clutter, can be the best choice.

  • Open shelving and industrial tiling lend a thoroughly American feel to the kitchen of Jos and Annabel White’s Manhattan townhouse.
  • Marble countertops continue the nature-inspired green kitchen design.
  • To utilize the minimal space, use a dishwasher that directly drains into the sink and choose one that is non-rusty.
  • The countertop in this kitchen stretches across the entirety of one wall, leaving ample space for the maple-topped island.
  • This kitchen takes the familiar sleek contemporary cupboard doors and gives them a wild new look thanks to bold, Mondrian colours .

The subtle metallic white and blue creates a sleek look for this simple kitchen design. This kitchen is also an excellent example of the perfect golden triangle. For low cost simple kitchen designs, consider going for something like the walnut laminate finish used in this home. It is budget-friendly, which makes it a great option if you are looking for a simple kitchen design at low cost. The sleek colour palette used in this simple kitchen design along with the clever usage of natural light keeps the look light.

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In this small kitchen design by Rodeheaver, the shelves provide the perfect place for olive oil, vinegar, and other cooking essentials. If space doesn’t allow for a full size kitchen island or bar, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must eliminate one from your design plans. This small kitchen byRumor Designs features a half-sized bar that fits beautifully into the natural footprint of the space.


When paired with authentic raw materials, painted furniture creates a durable kitchen environment that is classic in nature, yet contemporary in finish. The grains in the wood are still visible too, giving an element of texture. Above all, it’s cost-effective, providing a great way to renovate your kitchen without the expense of replacing whole units. The best way to utilize space in a kitchen is to extend the cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling. Reaching the stuff you store up there when you finally need it, however, can be a pain.