23 Minimalist Style Bathroom Design Ideas


DeForest Architects offers a new take on the traditional bathroom. If you want to feel zen in the shower while living in the city, you don’t need a lot of room. This is an example of a well-thought-out restroom layout that doesn’t distract from the facility’s necessities. KBR Design & Build its individuality are the white, dark gray, and brown theme colors. The bathroom created by Doniphan Moore for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas last year.

Humidity-tracking extractor fans are best for wet rooms as they work continuously and incrementally, with automatic extraction for how much steam is in the room. Typically, the smallest a bathroom can be while still being functional is 15 square feet. Consider opting for white oak or teak, which will be able to withstand humidity and water. Consider investing in a new set of fluffy white “hotel towels” or stick to all one color for a uniform, tidy look.

Floor-to-Ceiling Checked Bathroom

In this bathroom, designer Rydhima Brar added a long, horizontal mirror above a corner sink and the neighboring toilet, which makes the room feel bigger. We often see wooden vanities with marble tops in the bathroom, but feel free to go all in with stone if you wish. Designer Sarah Barnard did just that in this small space, finishing off the look with a floral-inspired light fixture that is also an attention grabber. To make your bathing area appear more sleek and minimalistic, opt for a half shower door. It’s an excellent design choice for small bathrooms as the space will feel more airy, too. Choose modern light fixtures to complement a bathroom finished with light woods and marble, like this space from Jessica Nelson Design.

  • As we’ve learned, a contemporary bath is all about playing to your interests and design preferences.
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  • Neutralise all the modern coldness of a generic modern bath with the terracotta warmth, the rough texture and the vintage feel of bricks.