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Every expert decorator knows that floors are often the unsung heroes of interior design. When it comes to adding an instant dose of fun and funk to your space, look no further than quirky, unique, and funky rugs and carpets. So, whether you’re a seasoned interior designer or just starting, we encourage you to draw inspiration from these quotes and create a space that reflects your unique style and personality. Remember, the key to great design is to never stop learning and exploring new ideas. Soothing monochromatic themes utilize one color like blue or gray in a variety of tones or gradations. Smoke-colored walls, silvery velvet drapes, and a dark gray sisal carpet on the floor of a New York apartment affords the owner the feeling of living on a cloud.

Decorate a farmhouse pantry with a mix of beadboard wainscoting and subtly patterned wallpaper, like this space from Ashley Montgomery Design. Choose a soft geometric pattern with an airy feel to define space in a home office, like this space from Britt Design Studio finished with coral-and-white wallpaper behind the shared desks. Decorate the walls of a walk-in closet with wallpaper to elevate your space and make it more fun to get dressed in the morning. Erin Williamson Design wallpapered the wall across from a bank of mirrored glass closet doors that amplifies the effect. Create a sense of rhythm in an airy bedroom with an airy wallpaper pattern that looks like abstract dots from a distance, but turns out to be made up of little bunches of flowers.

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“Strip off the lower leaves and any straggling offshoots and then place them in a vase with water for weeks of fall color indoors.” This cheerful window seat from Rise Interiors is decorated with an uplifting spring color palette that contrast with the pale gray walls and complement the leafy view from the window. Today’s shabby chic interiors tend to be more streamlined than the rooms of the 1980s, with simple window treatments and less embellishment to give them a timeless feel. Create a maximalist interior that is vibrant and livable rather than chaotic and cluttered with creative displays such as a gallery wall of art or a modern-day curio cabinet to house a collection.

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  • If you want a more relaxed vibe, go for soft texture, plenty of pillows and throws, and lots of personal touches.
  • Put the couch in the living room, but the loveseat in the family room or at the end of your bed.
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