25+ Best Kitchen Designs in India From #LivspaceHomes

You can finish cooking in your sleep, so it helps if you have open shelves that you can reach out to easily. It is made of high-quality quartz that is not porous and can handle very high temperatures. So, it will hold up against curry spills too even if it’s pearly white. But even if we assume that a standing kitchen is a modern mandate, how different is a contemporary Indian kitchen from the ones found in the rest of the world ? Plus, they prove once and for all that streamlined style can be warm and inviting.

  • A graphic, black and white backsplash feels unique and eye-catching in this minimalist and efficient kitchen.
  • In this modern treehouse in Guadalajara, Mexico, the kitchen exudes quiet luxury with cabinetry, a vent hood, and a table by Boffi.
  • This is the magic of paneled appliances—a design choice that allows fridges, ranges, and dishwashers to disappear into their surroundings for a seamless, luxurious look.

Concealing appliances behind cabinetry or panels creates a seamless look characteristic of modern design. This integration not only looks great but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the space. Match the covering panel with the rest of your cabinets for a seamless look. Thanks to enough white space to break everything up, the end result is sleek, sophisticated, and polished.

Extend your space by moving walls

Affordable doesn’t take away from the professional results you can achieve with our platform. Our extensive item library is filled with beautiful, intricate pieces that offer much-needed inspiration and everything you need to create the perfect design. Once you start using our platform, you will master creating 2D and 3D plans in no time. While true hardwood floors can be difficult to maintain, there are many other options on the market. Consider laminate wood flooring or porcelain planks that look just like wood but provide easier upkeep. Expansive kitchen windows let in light and fresh air, plus share views of nature.

  • Family run company Martin Moore was founded in 1975, and developed a hallmark style of classic, timeless furniture which is designed and made to order.
  • Nowadays, environmental consciousness drives design choices, German kitchens shine with their commitment to sustainability.
  • Look for interactive control screens and interior cameras that let you keep an eye on the cake from your smartphone.
  • All white kitchens are bang on trend at the moment and they are classic, they won’t date and they give you a nice blank canvas to change up the overall look as styles come and go.
  • Modern rustic interiors mix vintage elements with contemporary conveniences to create a homey mix.