73 bathroom ideas for every space, style and budget


Vanity unitscome in stock sizes ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide. Coordinating counters can be purchased that even have sinks fused into them, eliminating sink installation and caulking woes. Save money by leaving the toilet and bathing facilities where they are. There’s no need to move the plumbing when their current locations satisfy your needs.


Here, a chunky white bathtub sits next to a geometric steel stool – a decorative piece that functions almost like an artwork in the pared-back space. A fabric shower curtain and wooded towel rack give the room a more organic feel. Clay plaster clads the walls of the bathroom in this Brussels home designed by Belgian studio Hé!

Darken the Ceiling

You can have great storage in your bathroom if you just set up the IKEA kitchen cabinets. They are narrow but work great to line up your bathroom essentials. We invite you to contribute to this extraordinary endeavor with you own design, feel free to submit your ideas. ARCHITECTURELAB.netis a passion driven community of people specialized in art, architecture and design that feeds the world the most extraordinary projects brought forward by professionals around the globe.

Michelle Berwick Design added a stone pony wall to separate the walk-in shower from the toilet in the corner. The half wall is outfitted with a practical shower niche to store shampoo and soap. Wood tones and surfaces can sometimes be a secondary element, but here the natural look takes center stage.

Clad Walls in Shiplap

Use bold natural materials like marble, stone, and wood for a timeless design. Alternatively, experiment with substitutes like concrete or laminated countertops for a sharper, cleaner style. Dark shades of grey and black create a cozy and modern bathroom vibe. Dark cabinets complement this style perfectly and add a strong and bold touch. Mix in some brightly saturated hues to create a stark contrast that draws the eye. If you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas with a tub shower combo, consider fitting a showerbath.

While it excels in ease of use and versatility, its 3D capabilities and architectural design features might not be as advanced as some specialized bathroom design software. That makes it more suitable for initial project stages rather than creating a full set of 2D and 3D plans. Brighten a small black-and-white bathroom with colorful patterned floor tiles. This small Scandinavian bathroom from Fantastic Frank gets a lift from a patterned floor in shades of bright blue for a modern feel. Black accents like plumbing fixtures, mirrors, and lighting will add definition to a small bathroom. Space Factory paired matte black accents with small square taupe tiles and a concrete sink to give this small bathroom a sleek modern look.