25 Minimalist Decorating Ideas for a Calm and Clean Space


“Since the room was an interesting shape with the stairway, we made the stairway wall into a built-in book shelf which turned out super rad.” “When we were designing this space, we knew we needed more light so adding a large skylight was our first priority,” the team behind Arbor & Co. says. “It opened up the room so much and added sunshine that was really needed.” “This living room is bright, clean, and graphic,” Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors says. “My client has four little kids, so she wanted a cozy but uncluttered space for her family to gather and spend time together.” You have multiple facets to your personality, so why wouldn’t you also have multiple tastes in design?

Since they have spent so much time at home in the last year, some homeowners have taken craft and design projects to a new level. Seven units containing quizzes and hands-on exercises that will develop your professional decorating and business skills. ‘Lighting brings a certain kind of magic when setting the scene for the festivities,’ says Rohan Blacker, founder at Pooky. This is a great idea if the kids want to get involved with decorating a tree . Pick a mix of styles and sizes and bundle them together to create a proper feature.

This Is the Project of One Designer’s Dreams

Vibrant paint and striking wallpaper are two great ways to make your walls stand out. But if going bold with all your walls sounds a little overwhelming, consider taking a risk on one wall and leaving the rest the way they are. When shopping for furniture, prioritize investment pieces—well-made items you’ll want for years to come. But before you hang one, take a moment to consider what it will reflect. “Be aware of the reflection when you are hanging a mirror on the wall,” Faulkner says.

  • In this primary bedroom suite from Will Brown Interiors, a soft beige and gray base is warmed up with cool-toned sherbet pinks, peaches, lavenders, and blues.
  • Too many can overcrowd the space, so it’s recommended to use them strategically for maximum visual impact.
  • As beguiling as those patterns may seem now, they are the ones you’re most apt to tire of quickly.
  • Before you begin decorating a room, decide what’s essential and what’s not.